Obama Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood – Parent of Al-Qaeda, HAMAS

By Debbie

It’s official: America sanctions Islamic terrorism and breaks bread with it.
For eight years, the Bush Administration refused to list the Muslim Brotherhood
on the State Department and Treasury terrorist lists. But, now, Barack Obama has
crossed a line in the sand from which America can hardly return: we are
recognizing Islamic terrorists . . . officially. We are breaking bread, er . . . halal pita, with the
Muslim Brotherhood
, the parent organization that gave birth to both
Al-Qaeda and HAMAS. Frankly, this is no different than America actually
recognizing Al-Qaeda and HAMAS. And that’s basically what’s happening here.
Incredible. Incredibly sickening.


At this point, it’s well beyond solidified that any Republican (except Ron
Paul, though even he is better on the Muslim Bro’hood issue) will be a better
President. ANY. All. This guy MUST. GO. If Sarah Palin were the nominee, I would
vote for her. This guy is unAmerican. It’s not American to recognize and Islamic
terrorist group bent on the West’s destruction. This isn’t about Israel. It’s
about the long-term survival of the West. Period. And Barack Obama is a soldier
for the other side.

The U.S. has decided to formally resume contact with Egypt’s Muslim
Brotherhood group – which does not recognize Israel. . . . Read
the rest of this entry »

2 thoughts on “Obama Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood – Parent of Al-Qaeda, HAMAS

  1. Although Islam has spread under the pretense of being a religion for more than a thousand years, it has never attempted to transcend cultural barriers or differences by espousing brotherly love and acceptance of said differences in order to win over new converts as legitimate religions do. Instead, Islam chooses to punish ideological differences, operating as a totalitarian system of bigotry, violence, and murder—even condoning such within its own ranks in the name of “honor.” Terrorism should never be interpreted as a valid religion or political system.

  2. That’s their version on peace.

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