Congress agrees that Obama is above the law


What can citizens do if their elected representatives sanction criminal activity by a President of the United States?

  • Not a natural born citizen? No problem.
  • Forged birth certificate? No problem.
  • Stolen Social Security Number? No problem.
  • Forged Selective Service registration? No problem.

One course of action is not to vote for anyone who is presently in Congress.

Am I recommending throwing the baby out with the bath water? You betcha.

Members of Congress are neither stupid nor ignorant. They are all well aware of the evidence indicating that Obama is ineligible for the Presidency and may be guilty of felonies.

By not investigating the mounting criminal evidence against Obama, members of Congress are willfully negligent as well as active participants in an ongoing conspiracy to hide their complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

We have elections, but we no longer have representative government. Members of Congress are only interested in their own power, prestige and financial gain.

Petitioning Congress to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law has become an exercise in futility. It is like negotiating with the Russians.

Russians have a behavioral characteristic called “vranyo”, also known as the Russian fib. It is defined as telling a white lie, a semi-lie or a semi-truth. It may contain fantasy or involve the suppression of unpleasant parts of the truth.

In regard to Obama’s ineligibility and his alleged felonies, Congress expects the American people to engage in “vranyo” with them. It goes something like this:

“You know that you are lying, I know that you are lying, and you know that I know that you are lying, but we both smile and nod in agreement.”

The behavior of Congress in this matter bears all the hallmarks of political expediency. They are deeply involved in a cover-up. Investigations will expose their complicity and upend the political establishment.

Members of Congress benefit enormously by maintaining the status quo. They are willing to tolerate corruption and the destruction of the Constitution as long as they can preserve their power and privileges.

It is a degree of selfishness and dereliction of duty unprecedented in the history of The United States.

Here is an example of “vranyo” from Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) about Obama’s eligibility to be President:

“While I know that some have questioned the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, which was issued when he was born in Honolulu in 1961, my understanding is that Hawaii’s state health director, Chiyome Fukino, and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have affirmed that it is genuine.  Moreover, multiple lawsuits challenging President Obama’s citizenship have been dismissed.  The Constitution states, “No person except a natural born citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”  President Obama meets all of these criteria and is therefore constitutionally eligible for the office in which he is serving.”

And here is the response from a “vranyo-resistant” constituent:

“You are grossly misinformed about Obama’s eligibility to serve as President.  Neither Fukino nor Onaka have affirmed Obama’s latest attempt to make himself eligible with his issuing yet another fraudulent birth certificate…did you know that Obama’s so-called long form birth certificate shows a “smiley face” in Alvin Onaka’s signature? Every single birth certificate Obama issued has been scrutinized to the nth degree by numerous document examiners.  Guess what, Mark?  They are not just fraudulent, but exceedingly poor fakes. And the phony birth certificate is just one document that is fraudulent!  Obama is also using a phony Social Security number that is only issued to people who live in Connecticut.  And his Selective Service Registration is phony also.”

“And as for all the numerous eligibility lawsuits which were “dismissed”, you as a lawyer know the difference between a case being heard and dismissed, and a case not being heard and dismissed (for spurious “standing” reasons or just dismissed with no comment).  There has yet to be an adjudication of the law and the facts of Obama’s credentials.  He has never been vetted and Pelosi issued two different certifications of nomination for him—one for Hawaii, and a separate one for the other 49 states.  Gosh, but that sounds like a conspiracy does it not?”

“Every single one of you is hiding behind Hawaii and false premises about Obama’s birth.  You are also hiding behind those willfully misleading Congressional Research Service memos put out by Jack Maskell, who using the “ellipsis” method purposefully deleted pertinent information to skew his attempt to lead people away from the correct understanding of a natural born citizen.  Being willfully ignorant cannot be your defense.”

Unfortunately, willful ignorance is clearly their strategy.

We already know that Congress ignored the Constitution in regard to Obama’s ineligibility for the Presidency according to the natural born citizen clause.

Just how many laws does this Congress intend to disregard?

Obama must not be permitted to enter another election cycle without the allegations of forgery being objectively investigated.

If members of Congress are no longer willing to uphold the law, then they must be removed, the sooner the better.

And that ain’t no “vranyo”.


One thought on “Congress agrees that Obama is above the law

  1. Had he been smarter he would have realized the trouble to which his and presumably Barack Obamas decision to try KSM in New York City would have led. Yesterdays announcement came on the very day that Team Obama kicked off its 2012 reelection bid — and getting KSM Co. Of course by now we should know that Obamas handpicked people to lead this nation have no respect for the people and for Congress except when Congress does its bidding .

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