7 thoughts on “Obama’s network of Fogbow Obots EXPOSED

    If so, every person on ‘America coast 2 coast’ should have their names.Its a hugh PATRIOT SITE.

  2. Great investigative reporting!!! Now take a real good shower! Even getting close to these people online can get one filthy! What a bunch of Communist excrement! I’ll have to spend some time on these individuals myself. NBC kicked me off a while back so now no one reads his blog, Great to see photos of all these FrogBlow Obots. What a pathetic bunch of wall flowers. Bet they never get out around real people. So Sad! The New America will scare them all to Death!

  3. Amazing find amigo, been putting some very interesting stuff down on mine as well. Thanks for this. Had never gone there will check it out. JC

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