Obama’s background of mirrors


Looking into the background of Barack Hussein Obama can be compared to looking into a kaleidoscope.  The difference is that instead of seeing pleasingly colorful and symmetrical designs created by light and mirrors, one sees both the mirrors and mechanisms that create the illusion and the asymmetry of the resultant image caused by a deliberate miscalibration of the mirrors. Turning the tube, or attempting to discern the image, only causes more unpleasant distortion.

Conducting legitimate background investigations should never be like looking into a kaleidoscope. It is a rather straightforward process. I should know, as I’ve done background checks as an investigator in the private sector for the last 26 years, mostly for Fortune 500 companies, screening potential executives selected to sit on boards of mega-corporations.  Questions are asked and answered, and all documentation requested of the selectees is willingly provided for the vetting process.

As one would expect, the requisite documentation includes but is not limited to actual hard copies of certified long form birth certificates, social security cards and passport records. No scanned images, no internet downloads, and most of all, no legal resistance to the process. The reasons for the former are obvious: digital documents are not suitable for authentication. With reference to the latter, legal resistance is a red flag of deception, either by commission or omission, and quickly warrants the selectee to a position of immediate suspicion.

In my years of conducting such background investigations, I’ve experienced such scenarios on less than a handful of occasions. Following through on each instance, I’ve uncovered evidence that the person under consideration was either lying about their credentials or was unqualified for the position due to fraudulent college and post-graduate credentials. In one particularly memorable case, I found that the selectee was actually a “plant” from a rival corporation, using an entirely fraudulent identity. In all such cases in which I’ve been involved, they’ve been dismissed or worse, subjected to criminal charges.

This brings me to the issue of Barack Hussein Obama following the interestingly-timed release of his alleged long form Certificate of Live Birth. Apparently, the establishment media has decided that the case is closed, hoping to send the “Birthers” back to their world of kooky conspiracy theories of obviously racist origins. The media, complicit in the process, has also been caught in some underhandedness regarding the book “Where’s the Birth Certificate” by Dr. Jerome Corsi. Even the self-proclaimed conservative network Fox News vapidly ambushed Dr. Corsi in an interview conducted by Greg Jarrett immediately following the release of his book. We would expect that kind of behavior from the left but not the administration’s number one critic.

Despite what “team Obama,” the complicit corporate media, and many ill-informed conservative pundits proclaim, the case of the deliberately opaque background of Barack Hussein Obama is far from closed. In fact, as Obama and the Obama White House has given his imprimatur of the recently released document, he has legally painted himself and others into a potential criminal corner.

Beyond the digital release of the Certificate of Live Birth, however, lies yet another aspect of his background that suggests the duplicitous use of his social security number. Lest anyone is about to accuse me or my network of being late to the party, we have been investigating this aspect of the background of the man seated in the Oval Office for some time. Much like Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels, investigator Neil Sankey and others have found, irregularities exist with the issuance of Barack Hussein Obama’s social security number. We have collected original proprietary database reports and other documents that indicate that Obama obtained, under possible fraudulent circumstances, an invalid social security number. While much discussion involves the state of issuance of that number, our investigation focuses on the circumstances surrounding that issuance.

Our soon-to-be-released findings will likely surprise you. It will also give you a glimpse of the internal mechanisms of the broken kaleidoscope. And be advised, we’ve found virtual “fingerprints” on the deliberately miscalibrated mirrors.


One thought on “Obama’s background of mirrors

  1. I know I am not alone in stating that I eagerly await your soon-to-be-released findings. I was thoroughly shocked by the lack of interest and concern regarding the release of Obama’s bogus birth certificate. Apparently it has become politically incorrect to challenge the authenticity of it. As you stated, this attitude has permeated Fox News as well.

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