Terry Lakin is Obama’s Willie Horton

By: Devvy

During his run for the presidency in 1988, against George H.W. Bush, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, ran into a buzz saw named Willie Horton. The incident was dubbed “The candidate and the killer” because Horton was a convicted murderer. At the time Horton was released on a work furlough, Dukakis supported the program. Horton was furloughed and never came back. He went on to rape (twice) a woman and pistol whip her fiance. After being caught, Horton was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in the State of Maryland; the judge refused to send him back to Massachusetts for fear he would be let loose again. Several well put together TV commercials and the Dukakis’ campaign was done.

A very significant number of Americans are aware of the on-going issue of Obama/Soetoro’s eligibility to hold the office of president of these united States of America under the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement. Despite all the shrieking by his supporters and anti-truth lackeys in the mainstream media and cable networks, we the people who care about the law of the land have remained steadfast in forcing the issue. One individual who also felt it was his duty to ask the question, “Where’s the birth certificate” is Terry Lakin. For those who don’t know who he is:

“Former” Lt. Col. Terry: Lakin was “Chief of Primary Care and Flight Surgeon for the Pentagon’s DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic. He is the lead Flight Surgeon charged with caring for Army Chief of Staff General Casey’s pilots and air crew. LTC Lakin, selected for promotion to Colonel.

“LTC Lakin’s numerous awards and decorations include the Army Flight Surgeon Badge, Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forces Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon sixth award and the NATO service medal. He has served previously in Honduras, Bosnia, El Salvador, Korea, and Afghanistan.

“For well over a year, LTC Lakin has asked through his chain of command and his Congressional delegation for proof that President Obama is Constitutionally eligible to serve as his Commander-in-Chief. He has explained to his superiors that he cannot understand how his Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution does not allow military officers to pursue this proof of eligibility.

“LTC Lakin received military orders in late February for deployment to Afghanistan, including a requirement that he provide “copies of his birth certificate.” [1]

Last December, that honorable man who faithfully served this country for 18 years lost his freedom. Why? Because the putative president simply refused to produce his long form birth certificate.

As I said in a recent column, Obama/Soetoro could have stepped forward last year and said, “Wait a minute. This soldier is asking a question that seems to have grown into an unnecessary controversy. Here is my long form birth certificate.” No. Instead, he was on the golf course playing big man.

Our president is the Commander-in-Chief of our military when called into action. My husband is a retired U.S. Army Colonel who had 27 years of honorable service. Our military are family. They also have to have faith and confidence in their Commander-in-Chief to watch their back and support them without reservation.

In this case, the usurper chose for political reasons to flush the career of a loyal American like Terry Lakin and take away his freedom rather than do what he did, April 27, 2011 – produce the alleged long form birth certificate. Many believe it was pressure from “The Donald,” but I believe it was to take a preemptive strike against Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new book, Where’s The Birth Certificate?, due for release, May 17, 2011. A best seller more than a month before the shipping date, Corsi’s book will prove to be far more damaging than a lot of yelling by Donald Trump. With Obama/Soeotro coming out a few weeks before release with “Here’s the birth certificate,” his handlers believe they have taken some wind out of the pages.

They are wrong. Imagine TV commercials featuring Lt. Col. Lakin in full uniform and then in a prison cell. The message: This honorable, decent man serving his country made a simple request to uphold the U.S. Constitution[2]. Obama deliberately allowed Lakin to be court martialed to keep the birth certificate hidden. Only after media pressure was brought to bear did the president release a document he has spent almost three years fighting the release of at a huge cost in legal bills fighting almost three dozen lawsuits to keep that birth certificate hidden. Why?

Obama/Soetoro’s happy-go-lucky appearance on Oprah is scheduled to air today. The queen of gab asks him why it took so long to release that document? The response by the usurper was his usual, well, look, blah, blah, blah.

Do you think this is going to sit well with active duty military and some 25 million plus veterans in this country? That a sitting president (even though we know he is ineligible) allowed such a travesty to continue causing one of their own to be railroaded into Fort Leavenworth, a federal prison?

Regardless of how you feel about the birth certificate issue, where is any honor or decency in what Obama/Soetoro did to Lt. Col. Lakin?

Would he not have scored big points with both military and civilians if he had just produced the birth certificate in Lakin’s case?

Instead, he chose to show America what he’s really all about as a man and commander in chief.

Jim Schwiesow, in his recent column, A Man of Perdition wrote in part:

“The real tip-off was his attempt to trivialize the matter and make light of the controversy. When he characterized the assertions as “silly” it was definite indicator that he was now in an even deeper cover-up mode that moved him from a mere denial to a criminal conspiracy. In his own mind the fact that he is not American born and therefore not compliant with the Constitution in regard to the assumption of the Office of President is insignificant and immaterial. He thinks that the Constitution and the law in this regard is stupid, and as he termed it, “silly”.”


This isn’t about Democrat vs Republican. I can tell you as sure as the sun shines that if Arnold Schwarznegger, former Governor of California and a Republican, attempted to run for president, the Democrats would demand his birth certificate because he is clearly ineligible to run. The silly label “birthers” would be slapped on Democrats.

This is about the U.S. Constitution and a man who swore to uphold it; a man who has used five known aliases (which doesn’t seem to bother Democrats) and a manufactured past from the day he was born.

This is about a second man who also swore to an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, Terry Lakin.

This is about a man of no honor vs a man who defines the word honor. A man of no intregrity vs a man who gave up his freedom because of his integrity.

This is about another “Teflon Don” who seems to believe he is above the law and that the law will never stick to him and hold him accountable.

He is wrong. Let the TV commercials begin.


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