Fox News’ Viewership Declines Sharply After Abandoning Lakin and Eligibility Stories

The Daily Pen

Most people who have been to the beach understand the deadly risk associated with rip currents. They know its what you can’t see that can kill you and that denying the existence of rip currents just because they can’t be seen is very dangerous. No matter how much we desire to surf above the torrential flow, we cannot deny that this powerful and destructive force exists just inches below the surface. We all know, if we continue to play in the ocean, we might have to face the challenge of surviving the tidal grip some day because we understand that everyone has to fall…eventually.

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Obama a Quantifiable Disaster

Human Events

Presidential success can be measured in many ways—by the number of votes cast on a President’s behalf, by the number and nature of laws he’s signed, by the number of military conflicts he’s won or averted.

But a President’s success is most strongly linked with the quality of life of the people he leads.  Unfortunately for our current President, by that measure Obama has thus far proved a quantifiable disaster.  Let’s take a look at the numbers.

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Texas Rancher Blows Away Bureaucrats at Border Hearing

Jim Chilton, Arizona rancher and member of the Public Lands Council (PLC) and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), told members of Congress during an oversight hearing held jointly by the Government and Oversight Committee’s Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations and the Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands that inadequate security along the border between the United States and Mexico, especially on public lands, has put ranchers and their families living near the border in constant danger.

“We have been burglarized twice. Many of our neighbors have suffered similar loss of security and property. Our losses have been great and our sense of security in our own country has been severely damaged,” Chilton said. “The Border Patrol must control the border at the border so that citizens’ civil rights, property rights and human rights are protected. Ranchers along the border cannot have peace of mind until the border is secured.


Trump Needs to Shift into Second Gear on Birth Certificate Challenge

American Thinker

According to the typical liberal media narrative, those of us who have questioned President Obama’s life documents are kooks.  Nuts.  Creeps.  “Birthers.”  When Donald Trump raises issues with the birth certificate, members of the left, right, and center assume that he’s doing so for political reasons and that there’s no real story.  They use the Old Jedi Mind Trick: “nothing to see here … move along.”

There’s only one problem.  There’s something to see here.

Obama’s Parentage Disqualifies His Presidency…Regardless of His Birthplace

The Daily Pen

Yes, I know. Donald Trump keeps using the term “Certificate of Live Birth” to describe the fraudulent Hawaiian document which has been ambiguously attributed to Obama’s covert natal history by abettors at that state’s public health agency. My email was full with comments this week asking that I call Donald and have a talk with him.

I left a message with his delightful executive assistant and told him to continue the investigation and not give up on exposing Obama’s lies. I told him never to lose sight of the most important thing of all. That Barry Soetoro-Obama is hiding the truth about his past and he is lying about his real identity.

We all know Trump’s righteous intention to draw a correct distinction between the failure of Obama’s fraudulent Hawaiian “CertificaTION of Live Birth”, wielded by municipal dregs and Obots since 2008 to obscure his actual natural-born citizenship status, and a medically authenticated, original, 1961, federal NVSD document template, which is actually titled per guidelines issued by the National Conference on Vital Records and Statistics, called a “CertifiCATE of Live Birth” since 1915. This document is signed by a medical doctor, an informant and an administrator, and exists for all natural-born citizens of the U.S.

To confuse the matter even more, the ever-opaque Hawaiian municipality weaseled in a “cover-Obama’s-ass” revision to the 2008 version of “Certification of Live Birth” template sometime in August, 2009 which changed its header title to…yep…you guessed it, “Certificate of Live Birth”, like the federal version. This was intentionally done by Hawaiian administrators, after Obama’s alleged record was forged, in order to quell the flood of inquiry about Obama’s birth records.

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After 45 Americans Are Killed in Tornadoes… Obama Goes Golfing

Human Events

Tornadoes killed 45 Americans today in 6 states.

Obama went golfing.


It was his 64th round since moving into the White House.

Of course, Kristinn noted that the media was a little shy about reporting on Obama’s latest golf outing.

While Southern states reeled from a massive tornado outbreak that killed several dozen people, Barack Obama played his 64th round of golf as president today. The White House pool reporter filed reports on Obama’s departure for the links at Andrews Air Force Base and on his return to the White House. However there are no reports by the media informing the public about Obama’s golf outing.

Also… Another 5 Americans were killed today in a suicide bombing at a military base in eastern Afghanistan.