6 thoughts on “President Barack Obama’s First Ad of 2012

  1. If the past is any gauge of the Republican’s cojones , they would never run such an ad on TV. It does have the NRSC paid for moniker but I doubt it will see air time. It also could prove confusing to the koolaid drinkers out there.

  2. The kool-aid drinkers are confused enough this ad is good but it has that ……. that’s what that means, sure do wish I realized that sooner. However, I’m sure somebody will use it………….at least once.

  3. That”s perfect, I think with a little tweaking it could become very powerful like show a clip where he says under my energy plan your electric bills will necessarily skyrocket. Then have a voice over, President Obama in a man that could be counted on in a crisis, show bombs and machine gun fire with him golfing and on vacation then close out with the who do you want answering the 3AM phone call on the Red Phone, hillary’s ad, Obama, he never misses a tea time. Great find. J.C.

    • If you have the equipment to do it, it would be great. My system is old and I don’t have the right equipment. It could be the biggest thing on the web.

  4. Voting for Obama for another four years with the knowledge we have gained gives me wonder as to how the people will vote. Is it out of fear or or confidence? Or could it just be dumb?

    • The education system has been dumbing down the kids since 1976. Civics is not taught anymore, kids are fat because there is no real recess with real exercise. Liberals/Progressives/Socialists teachers have brainwashed kids with their ideas.

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