Obama’s Presidency May Be Illegal

Socialism is not Answer

1 Dragon

Donald Trump has raised the question about the Obama birth certificate and that has the media going nuts. Even Obama is sweating more these days. After all, you can’t bribe Donald Trump, so will they try to blackmail him or arrange a meeting in a dark alley with Gledo and Rocko? Maybe, my advice on this is to stay out of dark alleys. But Donald also needs to look at the real picture and that is, Obama’s father was not a US citizen and that keeps Obama from being a Natural Born Citizen. Donald also needs to check into the adoption of Obama. While you’re at it Donald, see if you can find out what passport Obama used when he visited Pakistan in the early 80’s. Just be careful Donald, Obama may throw a baseball like a girl but his so-called friends play hardball.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Presidency May Be Illegal

  1. Why do you think there is a tea party? ALL THE POLITICIANS have gone liberal to one degree or another. LIBERALISM IS THE PROBLEM folks and all of the manifestations like political correctness, celebrating perversion and degeneracy, etc. have brought us to the brink. John Kennedy was to the RIGHT of all these bums! Our HALF WHITE President who is pissed off and EMBARASSED of our great country, smiles and waves for the cameras while refusing to admit that PRINTING TWO TRILLION DOLLARS ain’t working out so good. The communist public union bosses see their gravy train ending and its getting delicious to watch. By the by, Wall Street is LADEN with LIMOUSINE LEAR JET LIBERALS, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac is too. Chris Dudd and Barney “ballpark Frank” looked the other way in 2005 when Bush and Rove put up red flags. Where is Franklin Raines? Can’t talk about the millions he raked in because he is EXEMPT FROM CRITICISM, being a BLACK LIBERAL. CONSERVATISM IS THE ONLY ANSWER AND WE BETTER GET BACK TO THE BASIC TENETS SOON before there is no country left to save.

    • Thanks for your comments. I would like to point out that if JFK was alive today, his own Party would be against him.

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