Mainstream Media Ignorance Exposed

Right Side News

Besides having to fight Muslims in the information war, we are also battling the intentional ignorance of the mainstream media (MSM). I say “intentional ignorance” because it is obvious that many who report for the MSM have done little, if any, research on Islam. Let’s take a look at an outrageous example of this irresponsible reporting!

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Wrecking a Nation

The American Spectator

Here’s how the economic and political system of a nation is destroyed.

Every price increase of just a dime per gallon of gasoline at the pump extracts approximately $5 billion from the pockets of U.S. consumers over the course of a year.

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Obama’s speech a mix of lies and wishful thinking

American Thinker

You can read the speech here. The president is very optimistic that NATO will take control of the R2P (Responsibility to Protect) part of the mission very soon. This is wishful thinking on his part. There are huge obstacles – namely, Turkey and Germany – to NATO continuing to protect the rebel advance on Gaddafi.

This was never mentioned in Obama’s speech – our unstated assistance to the anti-Gaddafi forces who are comprised at least partly of al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood fighters who were killing Americans recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. This little factoid never made it out over the airwaves – surprised, huh?

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