– Dr. Gerald Stephens

Historically there is a single group of people who can not decide what to call themselves. Depending on circumstances of the day they have tried socialist, progressive, liberal, community organizer, and one popular in the early 1900s through the great depression, WWII, and 1950s, communist.

With each new branding came a new grandiose name for their singular purpose, that is, to control the lives and think for all those too stupid folks incapable of any meaningful thought. Would you be at all surprised to learn that anyone not accepted within their circle of intelligentsia is relegated to that of morons who cling to religion and their guns?

More to the point of naming those within their anointed group, Denier(s), is some consideration of their fascination with denying, i.e., lying about everything they say and do. A United States fourteen (14) trillion dollar debt is not a national catastrophe, easily overcome by additional spending, Sovereign States have no right protecting their citizens from death and mayhem inflicted by illegal aliens, voter fraud does not exist, killing unborn citizens by any diabolical method is not undesirable, that the despicably crippled educational public school system they established is perfectly fine for all the morons (but not their own), that all it requires is more money, and the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper devised by a group of dead men with no force or meaning in the new world order.

The psychological basis for their state of denial is easily understood. They actually do believe they are very smart. Handicapped by this absolute conviction unconditionally prevents them from admitting they are and have been unequivocally wrong through out history. Confronted with this reality, they will either not respond or recite a litany of reasons explaining how their brilliance was sabotaged by morons.

It can be further understood from their frequent dissertations denying the unalienable rights of man. Now Justice Kagan, during her confirmation hearings before the U.S. Senate, refused to acknowledge (denied) such rights indelibly exist in our Constitution or in fact at all. Other members of this august branch of government are on record denying the Second Amendment right of a citizen to own arms. Yet others deny the right of an unborn citizen the very right of life, another Constitutional absolute.

The Denier(s) regularly create, redefine and employ language and words to mislead, misdirect and just plain lie

The Denier(s) regularly create, redefine and employ language and words to mislead, misdirect and just plain lie about anything not consistent with their objectives. This is a required need to further express their disdain and actual hatred of the ‘moron’.

“Birthers’ is their most vehement denial. Designed and used to denigrate one who dares to voice the obvious fact that the person occupying the position of President of the United States of America is ineligible to do so. This alone, if not destructive enough, they deny he is totally unqualified by either intellect or experience to the responsibilities of the office, that he represents a severe danger to the nation.

Time for an ‘outing’ of the intelligentsia…new name for the group, Denier(s).  You will find it flows quite smoothly from the tongue. Perfectly applied to mainstream media as well.


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  1. This is great. Thank you for posting.

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