Voting ‘present’ – again

American Thinker
The leader of the free world built his resume in the political spectrum by voting “present” for 129 Illinois Senate votes. His courageous display of self sacrificing toil in representing his constituents in Illinois has obviously carried forward to his handling of the office of the President as well. The people of America are now being treated to the same level of self sacrifice from Obama….NONE!

Meet the blind, deaf and dumb Democrats

Here is all Republicans need to do to ensure the 2012 election is another successful one for them: Get Americans to watch last week’s House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the threat of Islamist radicalization in the American Muslim community.

What Americans will see is a relatively serious Republican Party investigating what any sentient being – and many non-sentient beings – know is a problem, which is the threat of Islamist radicalization. And they will see Republicans doing so without demonizing Muslims more broadly.

What Americans will also see is a completely unserious, comically preposterous Democratic Party acting as if Islamist radicalization is not a serious threat — or just as great a threat in our current age as Jewish and Quaker extremism. To believe that, of course, you have to be willfully ignorant or worse.

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