By: Devvy

Do you know that a year from now most of the presidential primaries might be over?

There is great turmoil going on in this country right now with more to come. But, there will be another election and the primary process is part of the show put on for public consumption. Make the American people believe they have some say in who will occupy the White House. Isn’t it about time we take control over the presidential election?

The Democrats are playing a false game because Obama/Soetoro is not going to get ballot qualified in a large number of states either via legislation or lawsuits. I’m sure California and New York will ballot qualify him because the Democratic Party is 100% ethically bankrupt. That pathological liar has pulled off one of the greatest frauds this country has ever seen, but the shadow government king pins know they can’t get away with it twice. There is yet another Obama/Soetoro citizenship case coming up for conference by the U.S. Supreme Court. Since standing was not an issue, perhaps things might be different this time around — especially if by some miracle, Kagan and Sotomayer are forced to recuse themselves. We shall see. Ideally, Obama/Soetoro should not only be removed via a Quo Warranto, but indicted and convicted for violation of 18 U.S.C. §1343, wire fraud. He solicited more than $600 million dollars in campaign funds knowing full well he was not eligible to run for that office. That would put him in prison for decades where he belongs for what he’s done to deceive all Americans.

On the Republican side, the powers that run the big machine have been dragging out the same old recycled presidential wannabe’s with the help of the stooge media. I will not vote for any of them. While I know this will get me on the bad side of Ron Paul supporters (including nasty emails and postings about me on popular Ron Paul web sites which I have seen), I will not vote for him. I did in the past, but not again. It’s my choice, just like it’s yours if you choose to vote for him. Congressman Paul has worked very hard over the decades trying to expose the thievery and chicanery by the privately owned unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking System. For that he deserves a huge thank you, as well as all the bills he’s introduced that should have become law: Abolish the Fed, stop the withholding tax, stop taxing tips for service workers and many more.

Ron Paul recently voted to condone bowel movement sex for our military; allowing sexual deviants to openly serve. This is one of the most destructive votes ever affecting our military; second to Bill Clinton’s success in getting ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ shoved down our throats. I always give credit where credit is due, but I will not excuse any incumbent for cowardice when it comes to making tough decisions or votes promoting filthy, dirty and immoral behavior in our military. At considerable cost, Worldnetdaily has made their latest issue of Whistleblower Magazine available free on line. Read what some of our highest decorated soldiers and active duty have to say about sexual deviants openly serving. Perhaps Ron Paul should take the time to read it. He might learn facts such as sodomites are three times more likely to sexually prey on fellow service members; just the one of the problems with allowing sodomites to openly flaunt their filthy sexual preferences. As a medical doctor, Ron Paul, knows men having sex in each other’s feces is not healthy.

I will not vote for any incumbent in Congress who was there on January 9, 2009. That is the day that will go down as one of the greatest acts of cowardice by the U.S. Congress in history.

On that day, despite the massive public outcry over Obama/Soetoro’s ineligibility to run as president, not a single male or female in that entire body had the guts to stand up and stop the electoral college vote count. Not one and that includes Ron Paul. How shameful. I know for a fact that members of Congress in every state of the Union were buried with emails, phone calls and faxes demanding their congress critter stop the electoral college vote. Instead of standing up in a professional manner and doing their most solemn duty, they all sat like cowards more worried about their public image and votes. Here we are two years down the road with one monstrous mess after another because that massive fraud wasn’t stopped.

For those who care nothing about the U.S. Constitution, you are also cowards willing to sacrifice the integrity of our laws and the office of President just to protect one of the most destructive individuals ever to be (illegally) sworn into office. You represent the voices of America’s destruction because to support Obama/Soetoro’s agenda is to support the communitarian philosophy (communist morality):

“The Communists planned to create not only a new way of life, but new human beings. They sought to achieve not only the reconstruction of social and cultural institutions, but reconstruction of human beings. Communist totalitarianism has undergone tremendous growth over the past century only because it has “the support of a man of a new social and psychological type”—the “new communitarian (Communist) man.” A communitarian is a member of a communistic community. A communitarian adopts and advocates communistic concepts, such as a spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” The terms “Communist” and “communitarian” are synonyms and are interchangeable, but the word “communitarian” connotes a sense of community and a spirit of collectivism.

“In 1928 Communists formally adopted “The Program” for building a new global communitarian social order composed of the ruling elite (the masters) and subjugated masses (the slaves). Soviet masters used the communitarian social system and moral code to prepare the “new communist man.” They reinforced the “spirit of community” that had been present in Europe for 200 years and instilled communitarian moral ideals into all Soviet citizens. The masters “reconstructed” each individual by urging him to: 1) develop a sense of community; 2) cultivate the communist virtue of selflessness; 3) suppress his personality, individuality, and identity, i.e., his personal desires, ambitions, beliefs, etc.; 4) merge himself into the community and become one with it; 5) fulfill his obligation to perform community service and accept his duty to work for “the common good.” The communitarian moral code is the powerful secret weapon Communists have used to enslave whole populations.”

Obama/Soetoro/Dunham illegally occupies the White House because the Outlaw Congress refused to do their constitutional duty – both parties. Much of the blame can be laid at the other useful fools – the “mainstream media”. But ultimately, the final decision to ignore their responsibility puts the blame squarely on every incumbent in Congress on January 9, 2009.

Shame on those who don’t support Obama/Soetoro’s agenda, but who publicly condemn any American who has stood up and demanded the supreme law of the land be upheld. Obama/Soetoro was born with dual citizenship which forever makes him ineligible to be president of these united States of America. SHAME on Michelle Bachmann, Saint Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck for their dismissal of Americans who demand adherence to the U.S. Constitution regarding presidential qualification. That also includes Rep. Jeff Flake and Rep. John Boehner. Boehner passes off his cowardice with wimpy responses like, “I’ll take the president at his word.” That doesn’t cut it, Johnny.

Let’s look the stable of GOP hopefuls at this point in time: Mitt Romney (former Governor Massachusetts), Mike Huckabee (former Arkansas Governor), Saint Sarah Palin (former Alaska Governor), Newt Gingrich (former failed Speaker of the US House), Tim Pawlenty (former Minnesota Governor), Michelle Bachmann (loose cannon in the US House), Rudy Julie-Annie (former Mayor NYC), Haley Barbour (Governor Mississippi), Gov. Mitch Daniels (Indiana).

A couple other names are being thrown around; none of them will get my vote: Former N.M. Gary Johnson; Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman; Radio host Herman Cain; Entrepreneur Donald Trump. Lots of hype for Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. I sincerely hope he does not walk out on the people of New Jersey. He needs to stay there for a couple of terms and take care of the people who elected him to do just that. If you live in New Jersey, drop the governor a post card, a short letter or call his office and ask him not to run in 2012. He is doing good things for your state and you need him to stay there.

I will not vote for “the lesser of two evils” or incompetence. I will not vote for any candidate who has sold out this republic with their votes or has failed while in the Outlaw Congress to introduce bills that kill the cancer instead of just treat the symptoms.

I will not be bullied with the worn out threat I’ve heard for the past 40 years: Hold your nose and vote. We have to keep (Democrat candidate) from winning! If you don’t vote for the vile John McCain, Obama will win. If you don’t vote for George Bush, Al Gore will win. Redux – John Kerry will win. The “other side” pumps the same propaganda. By the time the primaries are over, the shadow government’s two stooges are shoved down our throat. You get to pick A or B candidate; the only differences is the rhetoric. The insanity is people keep falling for it election after election after election.

How many more globalists, members of the Council on Foreign Relations or banking cartel puppets will we watch get installed in the White House?

Foolish Americans. Your Messiah in the White House is as red as Red Square. Think the Red in the White House wasn’t a long term plan for the communists? Think again. If you’ve done 21 years worth of reading and research as I have done and learned from great historians who write the truth, you know we the people have been lied to and made to believe that somehow we’ve had a say in who our president is going to be since electronic voting machines took over the elections. Not to mention the countless criminals (illegals) who are voting in our elections. Obama/Soetoro was the choice of the elites and they made sure he got “elected.” They’ve got boots on the ground in every precinct in this country while constitutional conservatives stay out of the process. Conservatives have allowed political animals at the local level to continue pushing the destruction of our country by making sure the big machine’s choice will be your only choice. A lot of good people have been working at the local level for years trying to make a difference, but they need you.

Please don’t forget, and I know we’re all over loaded – the power of a precinct captain. See Precinct Captain. The political process grinds on daily. It’s terribly important that we get in at the local level. Do you think our domestic enemies are sitting around waiting until July 2012, to make their move on the White House? Think again. Please take the time to read this important column by Tom DeWeese and get involved now. Make your voice heard loud and clear to your state party machine that you will not vote for any of the worn out retreads – if that’s how you feel. Tell your county leadership who you want to be president. That means getting to your Republican County committee meetings and tell them you will not vote for (name the candidates). You don’t need the party, but the party needs you and will do anything for your loyalty.

How about just once we the people “get” to vote for a true constitutional candidate who would make an outstanding president? How about we the people taking control of the next presidential election instead of the power brokers behind the scenes? Well, I can tell you right now that won’t happen unless each of us pushes back at the local level with the same message: No more sell outs, no more globalists and no more designated losers (Dole, McCain just to name two). No more puppets of the powerful banking cartel.

Do you know a handful of states may not have a presidential primary due to budgets? That’s right, but what does it mean? A state-party funded caucus system. What about your voice and vote for president? Do you know how a caucus system works and can you be part of it? I urge you to find out and make sure you aren’t left out of the process. Call your local county Republican headquarters and become a person of power instead of a pawn.



  1. DEVVY,I agree that the list of Republicans running is a “terrible bunch”to put it mildly!! What are we Constitional Conservatives supossed to do ?
    Just stay at home and let “Barry Soetoro” win again by even a bigger margain than last time ? At least if we come out in huge numbers we may be able to overcome the “VOTER FRAUD” planned by the “Democratic-Socialist-Communist Party”.
    I do agree with you and all your points.Most of them now in politics now,are a “TOTAL DISGRACE”!!!!!!! LOL. ANNE MARIE

    • Thanks for your comments. The main thing to do is to get the word out about Barry and the treason that he and his adminstration has done toward the People and this Nation. All the Reps in Washington should be held accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to their oath to the Constitution. You can’t pick and choose what part of the Constitution you are going to uphold. I’m not sure Trump would be the best choice and picking the lesser of two evils isn’t good either. Most of Washington is corrupt, and I think the rest are afraid. Barry should have never been elected and our Reps in Washington know this but will not admit to it.

  2. I have said countless times that Duncan Hunter was the only GOOD candidate in 2008 and hopefully he will be convinced to run again. Any conservative would agree with his views and he would pick up the Independents and some Democrats with his stance on rebuilding our manufacturing base. Google him.

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