Do as I say…Not as I do

American Thinker
As the water around me continues to swirl in a cyclonic fashion around the drain, I have to ask; have the President and his administration, through example, taught us that it’s okay to pick and choose the laws that we wish to obey?

Since his inauguration, Mr. Obama has flaunted the law on several occasions, and in some cases, completely disregarded the law entirely.  Fox example:

1) The non-prosecution of the Black Panther members charged with voter intimidation.  Are we to assume that it’s now lawful to break this law, or do we need to reside in a particular class of citizenry to play this game?  Mr. Holder, in a nation of cowards, who stand at the top now?
2) The cease and desist order overruling the moratorium on deepwater drilling in the gulf.  The Obama Administration initially acted in contempt by continuing its deep water drilling moratorium after the policy was struck down by a New Orleans judge.  In doing so, the administration chose to ignore this ruling and continue on their ideological path to end fossil fuel exploration in the US.  They have since “righted their wrongs” by issuing ONE permit this year.
3) The choice to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act.  So, in essence, if it’s something we simply don’t like, then we can call it unconstitutional and not follow the law?  I can think of a couple of things that I absolutely abhor (75 MPH speed limit), so am I to assume that it is my constitutional right to disregard this on a whim?
04) The complete disregard of Judge Vinson’s ruling that PPACA is entirely unconstitutional.   The administration doesn’t have to follow court rulings but we do?  The ruling was unambiguous and concise, yet further clarification is needed?
If this is the way the new, transformed, America is going to operate, then have we begun the downward spiral of a nation that is no longer governed by laws?   Is it not anarchy that will result if we are no longer a nation of laws?
Perhaps we are being governed by those who believe in “do as I say…not as I do?  I can imagine that our future holds a new regulatory czar that implements the procedures as to which class of citizens must abide by certain laws and which will be given a pass.
The bottom line is this:  If we have to abide by the law and obey endless regulations, then why are some of our citizens exempt from doing the same?  The bigger question is whether or not someone will stand up to this administration and call them out for their completely un-American disregard for the law of this land.  God help us.

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