An up-close look at the enemy


We are at war.  We, being the populations of Western nations whose leaders work overtime to sell us out to borderless countries and One World Government.

A big part of any war is propaganda.  In World War II we had Tokyo Rose.  Today we have digital activists and “Sandmonkey”, a “citizen journalist” whose reports from the frontline in Egypt were bought hook-line and sinker by many in the American mainstream media.

The goal of wartime propaganda is to demoralize the masses:  You’re worried about the peanut butter jar running out before you can replace it for your hungry kids.  Michelle Obama, on a self-assigned mission to eliminate childhood obesity, is forcing you to count calories.

While you walk blocks to save bus fare in one of the most brutal winters in decades,  the Obamas have a personal trainer flown in several times a week, she to be able to keep her photo-op arms in sleeveless dresses, he for the energy it takes to toss basketball hoops.

America is drowning in a sea of debt and red tape.  While the world implodes, the White House has become a hubbub of daily visits from Hollywood celebrities and big union Pooh-bahs.

The environment is green with Psych-Ops, now so prolific they could be their own reality TV show.

While you struggle through an economy that is taking away jobs and homes, an army of bureaucrats is turning out the lights, turning down the heat and warning everyone that because it may to be too expensive to use air conditioning if you’re still alive come summer, you may have to find relief living outside under the shade trees in your backyard.

Nation of Islam leader and true Moammar Gadhafi friend Louis Farrakhan is boasting that Middle East rebellions are coming to America.  His sidekick, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (mercifully) is still under Obama’s bus.

According to guvs at all levels, Global Warming is going to kill you all off anyway.  But maybe their windmills, and electric cars will save the environment.  Time to try what Obama’s Canadian counterpart, NDP leader Jack Layton did when he was still a councillor in the City of Toronto: Take us back to horse and buggy days.

Marxist edicts always look good on paper, but try to convince municipal employees sent out to collect tons of horse manure!

Yes, the world has become one big psych-op with so many things that go bump in the night.

Leading the psych-op department are the uprisings in many nations, passed off as spontaneous by those who orchestrated them with saturation coverage by their high-stepping mainstream media friends.

“The world is changing,” warns Glenn Beck.

The biggest change is that the far Left has now openly partnered up with head-lopping radical Islam, and counts on frightening you into complete submission.

Sensible people the world over have long spurned being taken over and ruled by Communism.  But when they are hungry and there is no food to be had, it is easy for Communism to slip its noose over the necks of entire populations.

Some radio show talk hosts promise to let their listeners know when it is time to make a run for it.

The best thing you can do for yourselves and your family right now is to keep things in perspective.

Politics feeds on panic and control.  Obama and his administration do not get by on magic, they get by on other peoples‘ money.  People who were reared on the freedom and independence paid for by the lives of selfless others, make for very difficult sheep.

That the sheep are there to be shorn is only a Marxist fairytale.

And now for perspective: Forget the hundreds of stories out there, many of them untrue.  Take a deep breath and look at your enemy, right up close.  A couple of community agitators surrounded by Botox pumped Hollywood stars whose looks matter more than life.  You will see up close community activists propelled by an unhealthy and unnatural resentment of the USA; community activists who run off on vacation and come home to who hang out with stars and czars telling them only what they want to hear.

This is the enemy up close and in harsh reality.  They are outclassed, outnumbered and disrespected, world wide.

While you’re getting things back in perspective consider this question: How in the name of all that’s holy will `soldiers’ who need a smoke, a toke, or another drink, be able to round 300 million unwilling souls for imprisonment in Alex Jones’ warned FEMA camps?

So far We the People have been tolerant, leaning foursquare on common sense,  and polite.  The only members of society flying over the Cuckoo’s Nest have been Wisconsin Dems who would rather hide out than face debate.

Obama and his crippled-by-comfort, fat-cat army keep waiting for people to panic.  The same ones that stood strong even when blamed for murder in Tucson.

Gather your family and friends around you.  Batten down the hatches, hunker down and pass the homemade marmalade.

The panic is about to hit, alright.  But it’s coming straight from the Enemy Camp.


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