Media Hides Real Reason for Rise in Gas Prices

Big Journalism

Fill ‘er up folks. Gas prices in Southern California have hit $4.59 a gallon.

Oh, the media has finally started covering “Pain at the Pump” but they are not giving us the real reasons for the jump. Unrest in the middle east has given the cabal of President Obama and the media, “cover” to blame others for the spike to the stratosphere.

The real reasons are three-fold, with unrest in the middle east being the least of the three.

1)      Devaluation of the dollar. The incessant printing of money by this administration began the rise of gas prices months long before the middle east blew up. I’m no Alan Greenspan, but I can figure out that if oil prices are tied to the dollar, and you print more dollars, the oil price will go up, up, up.

2)      An energy policy that calls for less drilling for oil at home, not more.

3)      Unrest in the middle east.

We only hear about #3 in the ongoing effort for the media to protect this President and his policies that are destructive to America. I wrote about much of this late last year. No surprise we are seeing it now.

The activist old media intentionally ignores Obama’s role in rising gas prices. His name is intentionally kept miles away from any story dealing with higher gas prices.

When Bush was in the White House the media had no problem reporting the fact that the rise in oil prices were due to the depreciation of the dollar, but they seem to have forgotten that little fact today. Can’t point the finger at Dear Leader.

What is President Obama’s energy policy, anybody know? He says very little on the issue and his media seems afraid to ask him. Here’s a clue. Obama says he would prefer prices rise with a “gradual adjustment” instead of an immediate rise. We have had a gradual rise since he has entered the White House. Mission accomplished.

Obama has suspended much of the drilling for oil in the gulf, ANWR still sits silent up there in Alaska, and an increase in regulations has made it difficult for oil companies to drill new wells. The Green Movement, which this president so adores, is now costing us all billions of dollars. By the way, if you complain to the activist old media and leftist politicians about this, they will not hear you. They have a planet to save and they have been hoping for this rise in prices. This is a “tax” on us all, and the poor are hardest hit.

We had news this month about new oil fields that could open in this country due to a new process of finding that oil called “fracking.” Good, let’s move now and get the stuff. Aren’t we trying to “win the future?”

As for the unrest in the Gulf, the media still doesn’t like telling us where America gets its oil. Egypt has no oil and Libya doesn’t even make the top 10. Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela are the top 4. While our domestic production continues to take a dive, imports are increasing at a frightening rate. Here’s a great site with many of the facts on oil that the media ignores in its reporting.

Certainly, some of this spike can be blamed on perception, not reality, which is also crucial when considering the price of oil. Some of that is happening here but I’ve got some reality fer ya, drill here, drill now! How long have we been hearing that tune while the leftist politicians and their activist old media shout it down? Drill here, drill now.

The media takes great pride in how it is there to help the little guy from anything bad that might happen to him (you’ve seen the promos.) Okay, help the little guy. Tell him the truth about why oil prices are wasting away at what little cash might remain in his wallet after he tries to pay his mortgage and the increased food and clothing costs.

When do we get serious about American energy independence?  Don’t count on the media to get this story right while Obama is in the White House, sadly, it probably won’t happen until we get a new President–or until somebody tells Obama that golf balls are made out of oil.


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