The Academy Awards White House


A Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist asked in passing over the weekend if I thought President Barack Obama is a Marxist, and if so “What kind?”

“The most anti-American, anti-freedom kind,” was my reply.

But does it really matter “what kind of Marxist”  Obama is?  What should really matter is that there is a president in the White House stealing individual rights and the freedom of his own people, not to mention the sincerely held hopes of all other little people affected by America’s place in the world.

Another Tea Party friend, working on a Power Point presentation, asked me what kind of president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?  Without wanting to tread on her feelings, I wanted to answer, “Who cares?”

With a president in the Oval Office whose mission it is to take down America, who has the luxury of time to go off stirring the bones of presidents past?

In a sense both these questions reflect what is wrong with the America of today and why so far there has been no significant success in taking America back.

It’s as if everyone’s tuned in to a different radio station.  Focus is all over the map being drained by dozens of issues laid out by a mostly leftwing mainstream media while Newt Gingrich and Company seem stuck on stupid and glued to politically correct guidebooks.

Folk are spending too much time pondering the depths of Obama’s brand of Marxism and talking heads keep comparing him to presidents of the past.

Presidents of the past, both good or bad, were always the result of politics. Presidents are, after all, politicians of a breed increasingly not to be trusted.  They make pretty speeches, cut ribbons, send strong words of reprimand to misbehaving despots, live high on the hog, and, by and large, don’t do diddly squat to improve the lives of the masses.  The president of the current day is the product of a man-made mission, that mission being dumping the Constitution for a total reformation of the mighty United States of America.

While the leaders of Western countries are making a big play of civility, changing the lexicon in the wars raging on in Afghanistan and Iraq, we the people of their nations are at war, a war led by the joining up of radical Islam with International Socialists and forced upon us by treasonous leaders pushing all earthlings down the path of failed Socialism.

There have always been wars and there have always been the sanctimonious social justice activists jumping in to seize the moral high ground with loud claims that they have the only proven formula for peace in our lifetime.

The sanctimonious collect money and jump onto ships providing “humanitarian aid” to warring factions against Israel.  The sanctimonious pretend that orchestrated uprisings all over the globe happened by spontaneity overnight.  They make heroes out of a dime- a-dozen digital activists while their university trainees ridicule true heroes who took nine bullets protecting liberty and freedom.

People last week were asking how could Barack and Michelle dance the night away at the White House while anarchy had shut down democracy in Wisconsin, while American lives were still at risk in Libya?

It’s because they can, and do.  The Transformation of America requires plenty of hoop shooting, golfing and ample time away from the scene of the crime for luxury vacations.

With their media running dogs, the community organizers in the White House get to control the news.  The news is not that average people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table during the Recession that community activists coax along, or that uprisings both at home and abroad are being orchestrated, the news is who won the Academy Award.

Why did the Obamas dance last Thursday night away while so many were suffering?  The Marxist in the White House is surrounded by people who are telling him what he wants to hear.  He doesn’t hear you!  How could he when life where he is, is a bevy of parties with entertainers, Hollywood celebrities, and czars holding on decades later to a hippie dazed dream of the Bill Ayers/Code Pink-style Coming Revolution, greedy power mongering union thugs, wannabe emperors and empresses in tuxedos and tacky gowns.

The White House, once home of true life heroes like Thomas Jefferson is, in most respects, the everyday Academy Awards.


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