Not only will Obama eligibility lies be exposed, so will the media who protected him


By Dr. Laurie Roth

Like most of you,  I realize you can’t agree with every TV or radio talk show host on every issue.  However,  we see the push and necessity to support our own and lift the banner of conservative common sense high, especially with this radical regime in the White House.

As a national radio talk show host ,  I realize all too much the sound bite theatre,  ratings pressure and competition,  even jealousy among radio and TV hosts.  I am a growing host and have done national radio and TV for years…I understand ego.  At the very least hosts want to keep their jobs, grow big and make lots of money during their careers.  With all that in mind I find it growingly unforgivable that who I would expect to be leaders in my field,  media and entertainment, continue to marginalize,  minimize and insult those daring to question Barack Obama’s eligibility.

Not all the big hosts have thrown the ‘questioning’ crowd under the bus including Sean Hannity,  Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs.  I have heard them on various occasions question Obama’s eligibility.  Rush even has called Obama an imposter.  Yet it is still far from enough pressure and depth.

The self proclaimed leaders on cutting issues Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly,  the Holy Grail of No Spin and media courage,  apparently can’t find any courage when it comes to honestly taking on and exploring this growing issue of concern by the masses regarding Obama’s eligibility.  They have insulted and demeaned so-called ‘birthers.’

This is not just a birther opinion crises,  this is a legal and constitutional crises supported and protected by the media!  This is also a huge crime against America in my opinion.  Should this not be a mainstream issue on ALL news shows until it is resolved?

Bill O’Reilly has said on his show that he has seen the Long form Birth Certificate.  That is a lie.  It has been locked away and only the ‘Certification of Live Birth’  has been displayed by Obama’s staff and shown to others.  That is the document Hawaii offers to foreign born individuals.

Some have said that if Obama had not been born in Hawaii, Hillary Clinton would have found out as much as she wanted the Presidency that bad.  Even if Hillary and Bill wanted to find it and expose it she couldn’t have.  She may think she is God but she ain’t.  Obama has paid big bucks to lock it away well before he was elected so no one could have seen it.

Beck has implied that Birthers are discrediting themselves so why should Obama show the birth certificate?  How is digging for the truth to protect our country and constitution ‘discrediting’ ourselves?  Other conservative crusaders credited with boldness and honesty on most accounts have also minimized and insulted birthers and the eligibility issue such as Ann Coulter and Andrew Breitbart,  whom I interviewed at CPAC this year.

Did the Owners of Fox and the money people behind Fox influence Beck and O’Reilly?  Something has to be up since everyone of the conservative headliners has mostly gone the other way on this critical issue.  They have done the opposite of displaying honesty,  integrity,  intelligence and courage on this growing national emergency of an issue.

Recently at CPAC in DC, I interviewed Dr. Jerri Corsi,  who has done an in depth investigation into Obama and his eligibility.  As I shared in my last article,  he said the real story, regardless of where the long form birth certificate is,  is that Obama lied.  It is a proven fact that Obama was not born in Hawaii.  Corsi has checked all records,  media and hospitals in existence there and it is a fact that Obama was not born there.  His new book called ‘Where is the Birth Certificate’  comes out on the shelves in May but can be pre ordered now.

Dr. Corsi’s book will put much needed heat and momentum to the fire.  Will the big boys and mainstream media wake up then?  I’m curious how the ‘No Spin Zone’ and other spin machines of conservative news will go when the truth of it all finally is exposed—and it will be.  There will be so much spin that Fox and their hosts will look like messy tornadoes twirling down the halls.  America,  congress and lawyers will have to pick up a very large constitutional mess.  It is coming.

As you consider the facts and your position,  remember Governor Neil Abercrombie waltzing back and forth,  “I found it and have seen it….then ‘I misspoke and haven’t seen it’  while we also have had Tim Adams,  a Hawaii Elections Clerk in 2008 weigh in.  He signed an affidavit saying there was no birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii in 2008.

Oh well….as the big fancy hosts apparently believe,  this is a distraction and no big deal.  Yes,  they must be right. Who am I but a brain injured, struggling,  wanna be Talk Show host.  Let me review the pathetic and hallucinogenic fact trail defining my mental illness:

  1. Obama has paid nearly 2 million dollars to hide all his records, including his long form birth certificate.
  2. Obama’s own step Grandmother and 2 Bishops have signed affidavits that he was born in Mombassa, Kenya.  These and others are posted on
  3. Members of Kenyan parliament and even the former Ambassador to Kenya say he was born there.
  4. Award winning, investigative Journalist Dr. Jerry Corsi has gone through all records possible in Hawaii and determined that it is not possible that Obama was born there.
  5. Governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie has seen the Birth Certificate,  then not seen the Birth Certificate….translation….he changed his story and lied.
  6. Tim Adams,  a Hawaii Elections Clerk in 2008 signed an affidavit stating that there was no birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii in 2008.
  7. Though there have been over a dozen law suits against Obama on eligibility grounds and hero,  Lt.  Col.  Terrence Lakin has been Court marshaled and convicted on three counts of disobeying orders.  He pleaded guilty on four counts related to disobeying orders.  He and his attorney were hoping and expecting discovery to force Obama to show his birth certificate.  Lakin was not allowed discovery and exculpatory evidence.  That is a crime in itself when most likely Lt.  Col.  Lakin is correct.  Obama is NOT his commander and Chief.  Oh, who cares……it is just a brave,  decorated Lt.  Col and medical Doctor who has faithfully served his country for many years.  Let him rot in prison as the real crimes take place at the White House and in our media.

I will not let this go.  Invent some more slander and names.  I’m getting bored with those used so far.


One thought on “Not only will Obama eligibility lies be exposed, so will the media who protected him

  1. Hey, look, it’s like this.

    The next time one of your rino friends tells you that we should do something about obamacare or the epa or something, just tell them that we can’t do it because we would be playing into obama’s hands. If we went to court over obamacare and lost, it would make us look like fools and that’s exactly what the libtards want.

    After they look at you like you’re a first class idiot, just tell them that “well, that’s what you say about questioning his eligibility”.

    You see, the typical republican walks in stark terror of being made fun of by people on the left. When the left says that it’s cold outside because the planet is hot, we can’t really oppose it too much or they’ll laugh at us.

    Do a thought experiment. What would the left, like bill maher, say about republicans if we went around proclaiming that the reason it’s cold outside is because the planet is hot? Does it put the whole thing in perspective for you? Practically every elected republican is ruled by their need to not be laughed at by a leftard audience that tells us it’s cold outside because the planet is hot.

    I’m done with the republican party. If anyone thinks they’ll ever do anything on the eligibility question or cut spending significantly, your nuts.

    The contstitution party is the only way on God’s green earth we’ll every get anywhere and if you think they have no chance, you might be right, but at least they’ll try to do the right thing, and the republicans are GUARANTEED to do nothing.

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