Global Terror Threats

Family Security Matters
Nearly a decade after the attacks of 9/11, Americans remain terribly confused as to the nature of the terror threats we face. A jarring collection of disparate daily events appears to make little overall sense. Here at home, individual terrorists often claim to be doing “Allah’s will.” Some have shadowy connections to both terror groups and states. Overseas, we are trying to stabilize an Afghan government that is apparently intent upon making deals with the Taliban, the very group that gave training and sanctuary to the 9/11 attackers, and that promotes terrorism today.
In Iraq, an extraordinarily swift takedown of the Iraqi regime was unfortunately followed by three years of confused counterinsurgency efforts. Only after President Bush and General Petraeus changed strategy did we manage to defeat a terrorist movement that was supported by Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran, often allied with ex-Saddam agents. Its savage brutality against fellow Muslims finally turned large swaths of Iraqi society toward an alliance with the Iraqi government and US forces.

Freshmen to GOP leadership: We were serious about ‘read the bill’

Republican leadership stumbled this week with two bills going down in defeat on the House floor, a highly unusual occurrence in a chamber where the majority rules nearly absolutely and leadership rarely calls votes without knowing in advance they will win.

A key reason one bill went down – a reauthorization of the Patriot Act – was that GOP leaders allowed only 45 minutes of debate on the measure and scheduled the vote under suspension of the rules, usually reserved for non-controversial proposals.

Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, blasted his fellow party for how they brought up the bill. “Little debate, no committee hearings held, no amendments allowed, and no examination of whether our government had lived up to its responsibility to protect the liberty of the people,” is how he put it in a press release.

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Looks Real to Me

Dear Barry,

This Birth Certificate looks much better than the one you had Captain Crunch make for you. Maybe you should have gotten with Cracker Jack and offered a BS Secret Decoder ring along with copies of the birth certificate you posted, at least then we could have all laughed about it later.

I don’t really care what the media says about your birth, nor do I care where you were born, but the fact remains that your father was never a US Citizen and that makes you unconstitutional to be President and not a natural-born citizen. The federal government over the years have had a success with dumbing down students in schools and the proof shows. They don’t know what a natural-born citizen is or why it is important. Today’s kids know more about Michael Jackson than Andrew Jackson. They have no idea what Communism or Socialism is. They see a love affair with you and the media but they also see a man who can give a good speech with the help of his trusty side-kick Teleprompter.

This looks real to me too. It’s the Constitution. This is what you and all the other Democrat/Socialist/Marxist traitors in Washington have been trying to destroy for years. Well sorry, not today or tomorrow. I happen to love my country. I don’t want it to become another Europe and I also don’t want your kind of hope and change, it wasn’t right in the 40’s and it isn’t right today.

1 Dragon

Judge Vinson’s bittersweet ObamaCare ruling


By Monte Kuligowski

Ruling that the ObamaCare insurance mandate is unconstitutional is like saying that water is wet. Of course it’s an unconstitutional abuse of federal power. If the feds can force people to buy health insurance, there is virtually no limit to the reach of federal meddling into the affairs of life.

In a sense, it’s fortunate that the unmitigated arrogance of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi — as witnessed in the health care “reform” debacle — is pushing even postmodern constitutional jurisprudence to its very limits.

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