Constitutional contempt

By Douglas J. Hagmann

This is the most difficult report update I’ve ever filed on any investigative matter on which I’ve worked, and certainly the most important. It strikes directly at the heart of the national security of the United States, which has been under attack from within for the last 75 years or longer. What exists today began with people who are long dead, but whose agendas live on through others to whom the torch has been passed. It is the proverbial rabbit hole that goes deeper than most can fathom.

At center stage stands Barack Hussein Obama, the man who currently holds the highest office in the free world. He is the contemporaneous result of decades of treasonous deceptions and socialist penetration into areas of our government that we were warned about by Senator Joe McCarthy, a man whose legacy has been deliberately rewritten so that the mere mention of his name evokes undeserved revulsion by the majority of people in America. Even though Mr. McCarthy has not been with us for over 50 years, his investigative work as a U.S. senator figures prominently into our current state of affairs.

Before you accuse me of taking leave of my senses, I ask that you research the declassified revelations of the 1990′s that came about after the break-up of the Soviet Union. Consider the documentation that was exposed, such as the Venona papers, and other once classified yet still heavily redacted documents released under the radar to be the predecessor of Wikileaks. Look carefully at what McCarthy was trying to warn Americans about, and then analyze for yourself the well crafted methodology of marginalization through obfuscation used by those in power, those in the media, and even many in Hollywood. You will find that what existed over 50 years ago not only exists today, but has been magnificently refined.

The marginalization of McCarthy and the deliberate expunging of historical records exposing the Marxist, Socialist and Communist infiltration into nearly all levels of our government of that era explains why we still find ourselves questioning not only the eligibility status of our current president, but the majority of his background.  It is an undeniable fact that Barack Hussein Obama has refused to provide authenticated evidence of his eligibility to occupy our White House, the house of the American people. In fact, he has fought the release of records that would prove, once and for all, this most basic issue, and further refused to release documents that would provide insight into America’s most mysterious president.

The mystery behind Obama extends well beyond the birth certificate controversy, although that has grown into the most recognizable issue of late. For better or worse relative to the truly important aspects of Obama, the actions and behavior of Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie have fueled speculation  among “birthers,” a pejorative term assigned to Americans who care about constitutional issues and the rule of law. Over a half-century ago, it’s likely that birthers would have been referred to as “McCarthyites” instead. The names have changed, but the template of marginalization is the same.

Students of history – true history, not the revisionist type – would do well to recall the communist infiltration of the U.S. State Department and other federal agencies under the watch of Roosevelt and Truman. History shows that they were aware of what was taking place, but for reasons that are still applicable today, allowed the progression of infiltration to continue. Like a game of geopolitical chess, wars were fought under pretense while the coffers of the power elite hedged their bets by financing all sides in these conflicts. Nation building and the implementation of “fundamental change” of America was underway long before Obama uttered that promise on which he is delivering.

The infrastructure of infiltration was designed for the long term, having the ultimate objective of one day taking control of the United States from within. Through a series of hand-offs otherwise known as elections of those who were selected before they were elected, the fundamental change was well in progress by those in power behind the scenes.

The objective then was to institute a communist agenda within America, from the inside out as our status as a military superpower would disallow a takeover by any other means. So too was the formidable patriotic American psyche that existed. The time was just not right. But the power brokers of the day, the globalists, knew that times would change and Americans would become softer. They have, and we have, thus leading to our current state where the U.S. Constitution is under daily attack.

Consider then that assuming the office of the U.S.  presidency, the highest office in the free world, is the ultimate subversion of the Constitution. The safeguards built into the Constitution by our founders were left to individuals who were the products and by-products of the infiltration and ultimate compromise of our legal and moral principles that began long ago. It was and continues to be a metastatic infiltration that involves all branches and levels of our government and both sides of the political spectrum.

This history of infiltration provides the answer to how America could possibly elect a president who has refused to prove his eligibility under the provisions of the Constitution. It provides insight into how our electoral vetting process was compromised, and why there is such a vociferous campaign by politicians and pundits alike to disparage anyone questioning the legitimacy of Obama.

There are precious few in the media who lack culpability in this matter. Many pundits who command audiences of millions, whether on the radio or television, have made it a blood sport to mock reasonable people who deserve answers to legitimate questions. Some make it about race while others make it about conspiracy. Some intentionally obfuscate the issue, while others make false claims of having seen or holding a paper of historical importance. Meanwhile, the instruments of this administration have created, willfully and deliberately, a fictitious Internet clearing house to reportedly separate rumor from fact.  There is ample evidence of intent to deceive the American people, and strong suggestions of criminal intent.

The things that do not make sense when considered individually, such as our schizophrenic  approach to our national security, our borders, and the seemingly deliberate erosion of our national sovereignty, now become a bit more understandable, albeit in a most uncomforting way.  The talk of a New World Order by both Republicans and Democrats that began over a half century ago, absurd denials of the existence of the coming of a North American Union, and the manner in which those who dare talk about these issues are marginalized now become more understandable.

The goals of the globalists have not changed. The desire to subjugate our national sovereignty has never before been so rabid.  The closer our enemies within come to accomplishing their objectives, the greater the danger becomes to the freedom granted to us by God and our Constitution.

As long as Obama is permitted to occupy the highest office without any person, group or agency demanding answers and accountability, the more dangerous and perilous times become. The longer we allow our elected officials to disregard our demand for answers, dismiss us, ignore us, or impugn the reasonableness of our concerns, the closer we are to losing our Republic.

At issue is more than a piece of paper detailing the pedigree of Barack Hussein Obama. We need complete disclosure, and we need it now, not in 2012. Tomorrow might be too late.


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