One thought on “Freedom isn’t Free

  1. the question is will Obama be telling the Military to point the Nukes in the right Direction , and an even bigger question is this
    Now this is impeachable but no one has the nerve to enforce it


    Muslim Brotherhood…unindicted co-conspirator of Holy Land Foundation

    Muslim Brotherhood leaves a trail of blood since 1928

    The following link has a dual purpose. The Muslim Brotherhood is indeed banned in Egypt and yet so many of them were elected to the Egyptian Parliament

    Muslim brotherhood banned in Egypt

    Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating Europe Part 1 of 4;
    Part 2 of 4

    Part 3 of 4

    Part 4 of 4

    Muslim Brotherhood declares war on US
    Obama embraces Muslim Brotherhood
    The protesters in Egypt are the young. When all of the flurry is over, if Mubarak is ostracized it will be the Muslim Brotherhood who will gain control of Egypt, and put an end to the treaty between Egypt and Israel, and being in control of the Suez Canal will have a stranglehold on the United States.Obama has Enabled this by supporting the radicals , an Impeachable offense by threaten to destabilize the USA security Interests in the region and the USA , as well as all peaceful nations around the world !!!!!
    American government supports protesters.

    Egypt protest America backing the rebel leaders
    Hamas is joining the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

    From and idea put forth by Frank Gaffney,
    Obama is selling Israel out…soon

    This thing with Egypt is just another page in the drama

    When is the name Barrack Hussein Obama going to be listed as a co-conspirator against this nation? Everyone knows that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood’s attack on the United States? He should be arrested for crimes against our nation.
    Who did we send to Washington this time to clean up this Mess ?????

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