Does Obama Think We Citizens Are All IDIOTS?


On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 our usurper president, Barack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama, son of a foreign national father and an under age American mother, gave a State of the Union (SOTU) address to the country.

It was more notable for the fact that he began to try to appear as though he was once again looking to provide some “CHANGE that you can believe in” as he did on the campaign trail in 2008.  The catch this time is that the CHANGE was now projected to appear that he would be moving away from the CHANGE  that he wanted to bring in 2008.

The CHANGE this time would be that the earlier promised CHANGE didn’t CHANGE much of anything for the better; in fact, that CHANGE only CHANGED things in this country for a worse CHANGE.  So this time he promises CHANGE to things that, like he said about the CHANGE in 2008, will make things better.  Funny thing is though, there really is no CHANGE except for the way that he says it.

Check out this CHANGE that he promises to make:  Obama says he will freeze discretionary spending for five years.  That is CHANGE that remains the same; is that CHANGE?  Does he think we are as stupid as he is?  And yes, that includes you Obama robots that suck up his banalities in sickly supplication, unless you are one of the few who pay taxes in which case you get stung even deeper but are too numb to notice.

While it may sound encouraging to hear him say that spending will not increase, it is still disastrous if the alternative is to continue to spend just as much as has gotten this country into one hell of a mess financially.

To freeze spending merely means that you will keep it at the same level.  In other words, after two years of wildly insane spending that increased our debt by TRILLIONS of dollars, Obama says he won’t increase that spending, but freeze it at that same level; and for FIVE YEARS.  Can you imagine how many more TRILLIONS will be added to the national debt if he spends at the same level for five more years?

All of America has seen and-or heard that the Congressional Budget Office reported the day after the SOTU a new estimate prediction for this year of a new record of $1.5 TRILLION.  No wonder the liberal Democrats want to increase the national debt ceiling; it must be terribly embarrassing to them and their president to say they will not increase spending, but there is also no mention of any reductions in spending either. writers Jim Myers and Ashley Martella on Jan. 26, 2011 stated that “Press reports show that, during his speech, Obama mentioned far more areas where he would spend than where he would cut. Commenting on that, Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the Republican Study Committee says: “. I don’t think he understands how serious the situation is. I don’t think he understands what took place on November 2.”
“The Republican Study Committee is a caucus of 175 conservative House Republicans. Jordan and the committee on Jan. 20 unveiled the Spending Reduction Act of 2011, which would cut $2.5 trillion in spending over 10 years.”

This sort of rhetoric regarding cuts in spending are exactly the kind of CHANGE that Obama does NOT have in mind, but he is going to have to CHANGE his mind because that is the only kind of CHANGE that this country can tolerate.

Something has to be done with that man’s thinking.  WE JUST CAN’T AFFORD HIM ANY LONGER.

I know one thing that WE the responsible conservative citizens of these United States must CHANGE and that is the man in the Oval Office in 2012 or sooner if possible.


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