Where are the birth records for Obama?


President Obama has had a glaring question hanging over his head about where he was born and his eligibility, long before he was elected President.  Democrat Attorney Phillip Berg and a host of others,  Allen Keys,  Dr. Jerry Corsi and myself have boldly addressed this issue for years now.

People daring to question Obama’s eligibility and missing birth certificate have been marginalized,  called every name in the book,  racist, birther,  anarchist….on and on.  Per the investigation of Doug Hagmann,  private investigator and Judi McLeod,  editor of Canadafreepress.com,  some conservative hosts and conservative networks have been intimidated and had their jobs threatened if they dared address the issue in even a balanced,  exploratory way.  Hands off Obama!

The ‘fix’  has been in and aided and abetted by most of the 5th column cowardly media. Long ago they seem to have sold out to the American people and the truth.  Instead,  they joined the Obama,  cult,  worship club.

As a curious,  national talk radio host,  I have wondered where the real journalists are who will dig to China for the truth regardless of political party,  race or popularity.  Is it not curious that Obama has spent nearly 2 million dollars on attorney fees to hide all his records,  birth certificate,  passport and College?  Is it also a bit strange that all this time a long form birth certificate from Hawaii has never been exposed or seen?  Does it not cause any of you ‘non conspiracy’  genius types to question,  when there is an affidavit signed by Obama’s step Grandmother and Bishops saying he was born in Mombasa Kenya?  Members of Kenyan parliament have even said he was born in Kenya.  The former ambassador to Kenya said on a US radio show that he was also born there.  Check out the affidavits and fact trails yourself at obamacrimes.com.

The last few weeks we have been entertained by yet another bizarre side step on this issue.  Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii announced he had the long form birth certificate,  then couldn’t find it.  He had it….he didn’t have it.  Kind of a yin and yang balance thing going on there isn’t it?  Now we hear that the Governor admitted to his close friend and reporter Mike Evans that there are no birth records in Hawaii for Obama.

Hello…is anyone home?

Our constitution says you cannot be President if you are not natural born in the United States.  It appears as if Obama is not natural born.  Why didn’t Obama show his birth certificate a few years back,  when McCain was pressured to show his and did?  Why hasn’t Obama wanted to shut down Laurie Roth,  Phil Berg, and the law suits on this issue?  We could have all been forced to eat our words and stick our feet in our mouths if he would have quickly shown his birth certificate to shut us all up.

Now, the Governor of Hawaii says he can’t find the Birth Certificate and tells Mike Evans that there are no birth records in Hawaii.  If you don’t smell a massive cover up and rat you must be dead.

So far the dozens of lawsuits flying through the court system confronting Obama’s eligibility issue have fallen on deaf ears and largely been thrown out because of ‘lack of standing.  The truth may finally come out because of the action of several states who are moving forward to vote on bills that demand proof of eligibility to be on the ballot in the 2012 elections.  So far,  Arizona has the votes to pass a bill,  Montana,  Texas and Pennsylvania are also following suit.

I challenge other states to show leadership in this area and do the same.  Let us force Obama to show his birth certificate if he wants to be on the ballot in as many states as possible.

Our constitution is most clear in Article 2 section 1.  You have to be a natural born citizen and our framers also stated and intended you have to have two citizen parents.  Either way Obama fails since his Dad was a Kenyan subject.

This fight has never been about conspiracy,  racism,  Democrat or Republican schemes.  It is about honoring our constitution and telling the truth.


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