3 thoughts on ““Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

  1. FREE SPEECH under Threat and Ending the Fed to counter the Act

    With the criticism over political Vitriol on the Tragedy in Arizona and how its threat now to Free Speech is circling the wagons of independence , we will need to debate the idea of having control over the Regulators of this Constitutional Threat even more by Ending the Federal reserve and Controlling the funding of these Government Agencies as a way to uphold the rights of US Citizens . Understanding more about how the Federal Reserve is tampering FREEDOM in America as we try to understand our economic demise , and recovery efforts as Free People , watch this Video and think Freedom heals ,
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPWH5TlbloU – 30 min video.

    There is no question that the Arizona Tragedy is a unspeakable crime against humanity and very unsettling , we must not lose our right to be Free to find our way forward to create our needs for our society , and in todays economic crisis we need to question everything thats causing societal unrest and effecting the element of sustaining all things that the US Constitution represent in the USA . We Must ask is the Federal Reserve stalling American Progress because of an agenda thats perceived as a world threat , like this ??? Go to this site scroll down to , ” Preamble ” , ” Global Situation ” , ” The Way Forward ” , and click on and read ” Global Situation ” http://ning.it/hQaRre and let me know what you think ? I am wanting to know if you think this is a officially sanctioned Non profit International Think Tank , and if it is a Legitimate organization that has Influence over world Governments and how they draft law and regulatory policy that we the people have to live by then this is a very important fundamental to our Lively hoods and we are not being Officially Informed by our Government of their being Influence by this organization and if its having any effect on our Lives economically as we struggle to rebuild a financial crisis .
    This Looks serious to me and we have a right to know if and what Our Government thinks about this think tank and its operations , influence on UN agenda etc etc .

    So combining the above Fear , if prove true , then After Listening to Fox and Friends in a Interview with a Psychologist , Is Fear of Violence going to Overrule the First Amendment and the idea of this right being the cause of creating instability in society allow for a restriction on the right of free speech ??? I say if this happens then Hollywood and all the Movies video games and everything thats NOT a Mary Poppins kind of program be ban from public view . And all the Porn, PlayBoy, Penthouse all of these go down the road ban from Public . There is No part of free speech that if it causes a perception of overwhelming emotional mental health then even a Beauty Pageant should be scrutinized to the idea of it being a element of human mind emotional altercation that drives all forms of violent acts we see from sex crimes to murder .
    So if we go down this road of interruption of the thought of the human mind then where does it end on this slippery slope of Judging a person to preemptively stop a crime ?
    And will this actually make it harder for the Checks and Balances in our Society to Equally represent every citizen if such so called experts, how if not judged themselves by dissenting points of view that would seek to neutralize this so called experts political motivations if they are evident , we the people could end up being silenced by the Authority of a given Government agency if this type of authority starts to gain to much power over the thoughts of a Individual to be a Preemptive tool in controlling violent behavior . This is a slippery slope that when Politically connected can lead to serious Interruptions in the way Open societies like the USA are Constitutionally liberated .

    It would seem more Logical to find ways to create a security system to preemptively control the threats to security rather than trying to individually judge people and this be driven on fear and Politics become interwoven into the fear factor of what then becomes the ebb & flow of using the educational element of teaching society the principles of peace so the common law of respect , honor and discipline can be achieved in the privacy of a Individuals space so your right to privacy is not pierced by the thought police that became so politically influenced with a Ideological agenda that it began to judge those who threaten the politicians place in Government .

    We should be careful opening up this kind of so called expert authoritarian power over the Individuals Mind just because of fear , because fear is an Overwhelming element of what feeds the greed of Power . This approach can end up being a greater threat overall to the greater good of a society than it would help tame the fear of what we might be perceiving as a threat to our lives .

    • Remember what happened after 9/11……… we got the Patriot Act. Do you know who wrote it? Joe Biden. And if I’m not mistaken it was written in 1996. Something to think about.

  2. Jerry Boykin gets it unlike most politically correct fools at the FLAG level in the Military. Is it pissing anybody off yet that Major Hassan sits in San Antonio prison, without being called an Islamic Terrorist, you Corey Clagett and others waste their time in Solitary confinement for following unlawful orders? It sure irritates the hell out of me. Follow string below:
    The officer giving the unlawful order to kill must take Corey’s place. Plead do not fax to DC office, will not be received pick a local office. found on members congressional page. Thanks. J.C.

    Good one 1 dragon

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