Two Days to late, Mr. President….as usual


President Obama has missed the opportunity to stop the fraudulent attack against conservatives and talk radio by the media and Democrats.  Now,  our President gives us the big,  written out and ‘late’ speech that talks about the victims and ‘healing for the nation.’  ‘Honor the Dead and the families.’  No mention about the obscene distortion,  libel and lies hurled at conservatives who speak their mind on radio and TV.

Shame on Barack Obama!  He is the President of all US citizens and he has fraudulently and stupidly missed the opportunity to promote the truth,  represent us all and stop the libel.  The teleprompter speech now is as usual,  2 days late.  You see,  it would not serve Obama and the progressive left’s purposes to stop the blame and lies.  Saul Alynsky and Rules for Radicals tells them what to do and this is a crises not to waste.

Responding late and in a shallow/teleprompter way seem to be part of the hallmark of this President.  We saw him wait 3 days to respond to the nation regarding the near successful plane explosion, by an Islamic radical, Christmas Day of 2009.  He was apparently distracted with a golf game in Hawaii.  Then,  regarding the evil of Islamic radical, Major Nidal Hasan who murdered 14 people at Ft.  Hood,  we heard our President say “Don’t rush to judgment”  as if it was a practical crime to notice the obvious,  that the FBI had tracked him for 1 ½ years,  he was in touch with Al Qaeda,  radical Imams who had talked with the 9/11 hijackers and demonstrated bizarre,  behavior.  We weren’t supposed to notice that he was yet another Muslim on a Jihad, wiping out infidels in a planned attack.  Sorry,  Mr. President.  It must be my nasty talk radio background to have quickly noticed those facts.

Media and leftist orgy of blood libel and blame against the Republicans,  Talk Radio,  Tea Party and conservatives in general

For the last few days we have heard the media and leftist orgy of blood libel and blame against the Republicans,  Talk Radio,  Tea Party and conservatives in general.  As a growing,  national talk radio host,  I have been most fascinated as to the complete avoidance by the media and left regarding the reality of the killer and his world.

I have heard media say that Jared Loughner,  the accused murderer was an atheist,  Satanist,  drug addict,  had an occult shrine in his home,  scared others at school,  grabbed people’s crotches and wrote out bizarre and violent fantasies.  We also know that Loughner had contacted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords several times and felt ‘disrespected‘  by her response.  He fed his evil with drugs,  the occult and Satanism.  Politically,  he was a known Independent.

The bottom line was that he had an occult fed,  evil obsession that grew regarding the Representative.  He then acted on his obsession and went to another function Giffords spoke at.  We all know the tragic facts of what happened in Arizona.  It was a blood letting.  From witness accounts we know that Loughner shot Rep.  Giffords in the head,  murdered 6 people,  including a 9 year old girl and a Republican, federal Judge,  John Roll, among others.

Immediately we heard Democrats, officials and media everywhere start blaming this all on talk radio,  conservative rhetoric,  the ‘environment’  we all create,  the anger in the air….on and on the blood libel assault has grown.  One Democrat congressman commented,  “If violent rhetoric didn’t cause this shooting it will cause the next one.”  The now infamous Sheriff Clarence Dupnik smeared talk radio and conservatives almost immediately saying that ‘on air vitriol has consequences.’  Mr. Wisdom shrine himself,  Bill Clinton weighed in talking about how ‘words have consequences.’

Now the usual,  absurd blaming orgy is going on endless rides around the theme park.  Progressives and other leftists in media are talking ‘gun control’  pushing the fairness doctrine in a heavier way…..going after those nasty conservatives and talk radio folks…….evil and dangerous I tell you.  Freedom and speech must stop or murders will grow everywhere.

Now we at least know what the real issue is thanks to Sheriff Dupnik,  our rogue and leftist media,  Obama,  Clinton and other enlightened leftists.

Drum roll………Conservatives,  Talk Radio and the Tea Party people are the problem. We must be stopped.

I have a few heart felt responses from this dangerous,  conservative Talk radio chick.  Before I share my response,  I will first confess just how compromised and dangerous I really am to the left.  You should know this in case you ever want to read my articles or listen to my ‘radical’  show again.

I am a Christian and proud to live in a country built on Judeo/Christian values and traditions.

I am a proud gun owner.

I am an elected official for the GOP in my county where I live trying to make a difference at the grass roots level.  I volunteer.

I host a conservative,  national radio show each day from 3-6pm PAC and celebrate freedom of speech and the truth.,  except when it comes to telling people my weight.

I proudly help create an environment on air of focused concern and anger.

Finally, I am vividly aware that most of the country is ticked off and horrified with the decisions and radical agenda of the Obama administration the last two years.  Most ‘real’ Americans would have to be dead not to be ticked off and feel betrayed by this administration.  That does not mean that any of us want or have ever wanted violence,  murder and lawlessness to happen.  I have never heard any mainstream talk radio personality or conservative political leader, like Sarah Palin suggest anything immoral or illegal.  Any person would be most horrified with the evil murders that occurred in Arizona.

I would submit that this nation MUST be angry and focused right now to get things done.  We MUST continue to the rebuking momentum and ‘spankage’  that occurred in the mid terms to correct the damaging mistake America made in the last election by electing Obama.  If the radically drugged media and progressive leftists feel that talk radio and the right is creating an environment of anger…..they are right….AND IT WILL INCREASE,  FOCUS AND VOTE THE REST OF THE SCUM OUT OF OFFICE,  INCLUDING OBAMA.  We will get this country back on track and repair what is broken.  Be angry,  get stuff done and don’t sin.


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