Terminally Clueless

American Thinker

You don’t know whether to laugh at their seeming idiocy or pity their deafness and blindness, but it appears that the Democratic leadership has a contest going to see who can make the dumbest public statements.

In the last few days they’ve been trampling each other to prove who among them is the most clueless. We have Steny Hoyer claiming that Tea Partiers must come from unhappy families, followed by Howard Dean still trying to make racists of all of us who disagree with him and his party, and now, the Clueless Clown Prince of the Congress, Harry Reid, opining that Americans love government.

These guys still haven’t figured out why their party and its policies got hammered by the electorate in November nor are they apparently going to change a thing about themselves or their party between now and November 2012 to prevent a second-round knock down and possibly a knockout. Part of the problem is that they continue to believe their own liberal Kool Aid which the lapdog media, just as loathe as party leadership to accept the reality that most of America is comprised on non-elitist, non-racist, decent folks who do not want government controlling every aspect of their lives, keeps bottle feeding the purple poison to the party faithful.

Most of them, increasingly isolated from mainstream America in their shrinking coastal enclaves, agree with media genius, Joy Behar, who questions that perhaps, “…this Constitution- loving is getting out of hand?”

Reid can be partially forgiven for his confusion having just been re-elected by a schizoid electorate that simultaneously elected an Hispanic Republican as governor. One suspects that had Harry’s Republican opponent likewise been Hispanic, Harry would be history. Now Howard will probably call me a racist for pointing out that, just like American blacks, Hispanics very often vote their ethnicity. Unlike blacks, Hispanics sometimes will cross party lines to support one of their own as they did in droves here in New Mexico to elect Republican Susana Martinez governor. This failure to acknowledge the overt racism within their own ranks is another of the problems that make these contemporary Democrats like Howard terminally clueless.

Of course, the grand prize for being terminally clueless must go to the voters of California but that’s a whole ‘nuther article, Bubba.


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