Real hope and change


In the last presidential election, the individual who ostensibly won the election ran on a platform of “hope and change”. These amorphous concepts were never defined, and we have subsequently seen that his idea of change is radically different from that of patriotic Americans. Almost everything he and his “progressive” unindicted co-conspirators in the House and Senate have done has been aimed at destroying our capitalist economy, eliminating private property rights, instituting socialist/neo-fascist totalitarian government, and creating mass dependency on it. Change, indeed.

As to hope, this appears to be the hope that no one will notice what they are up to until it’s too late to stop it.

Unfortunately for the Usurper and his extremist, America-hating allies, Americans did notice, very quickly. This was totally unexpected by the elitists, who appear to genuinely believe that all Americans but themselves are as `stoopid’ and/or willfully ignorant as their progressive constituents. The panic and disarray the Democrat Party exhibited during the 2010 election was a treat to watch. Nearly every single progressive candidate that the Great Prevaricator went out to campaign for lost, big time. The only ones who didn’t, most likely won due to good ol’ tried and true Democrat voter fraud. Right, Harry? Right, Barbara? Right, Lisa?

So here we are, with a new Congress, with the House of Representatives dominated by conservatives. The Tea Party backed candidates, elected by the “bitter people, clinging to their guns and bibles”, are now holding the purse strings of the nation. Big Change! It’s got the leftist media, i.e., all the TV news readers and talking heads, all the “major newspapers”, in a whirlwind of hysterical, not to mention absolutely ridiculous, outcries of impending disaster. Amazing how they can go on, day after day, year after year, spouting the Democrat lies and propaganda with nary a hint of embarrassment, not even a slight blush.

We can only hope that the reading of the Constitution at the opening session of the 112th Congress was not just lip service. While John Boehner talks a good game, he is still closely associated with the, in my never humble opinion, totally discredited Republican Party “leadership”. However, there is truly reason for hope.

Among the new members of Congress, one from Florida stands out: Allen West. This man is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of artillery – 22 years defending our country. He is also everything the current occupant of the White House was touted as being, and clearly is not. I encourage you to go to youtube and watch and listen to him, for he embodies the kind of elected representative we have been so sorely lacking.

Howard Dean and the rest of the Democrat cheerleaders have tried to spin this election and the Tea Party as racist. No change, here. Same old lies. However, the emergence of more and more black conservatives onto the public stage is indeed a change, a change that sparks real hope.

Democrat Party and the likes of racist race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have brutally intimidated conservative black people into silence

For far too long, the Democrat Party and the likes of racist race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have brutally intimidated conservative black people into silence. This is changing. Black Christians are fed up with the progressive’s atheism and anti-Christian dogma. People who have shunned the welfare mentality, worked hard and succeeded are sick of being told they are greedy and Uncle Toms. Though the leftist media still ignores them, black conservatives have become very visible on the internet, with syndicated columnists like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams – both Ph.D. economists, by the way – Larry Elder, and Starr Parker, to name just a few, and organizations like Project 21. Activist conservatives like the Reverend Jesse Peterson now have numerous venues for their patriotic ideas and opinions to be heard. Big Change.

And the real hope is that more and more black people will wake up to the fact that the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, 47 years ago – 47 years in which the Democrats who fought so hard against this act held the reins of power in Washington, and in those ensuing 47 years have done nothing but enslave poor black people to the welfare state they have created. But now there is real hope that these exploited Americans will shake off the shackles put on them by the Democrat Party, shackles intended to keep them down on the progressive plantation, chained to a life of ignorance, failure, and welfare, a life that is necessary for progressives to keep their cushy government jobs and affluent life-styles. This is hope and change. This is America.


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