Under the radar at the White House

American Thinker
Don’t be fooled by this picture of Obama staffers returning from Hawaii. In between the much photographed surfing, golfing and eating Michelle’s forbidden foods, Obama did plenty of work away from the not too prying eyes of the press. (hat tip: instapundit).

Check out these recess appointments announced while he vacationed; recess appointments conveniently don’t have to be approved by Congress. Appointing an ambassador to Syria, an anti American, terrorist country embracing Iran, after several years absence, would not have won Congressional approval but much loud opposition. Sneaking one in during the long Christmas holiday vacation guaranteed garnered minimal attention and publicity.

The most transparent White House in history continues to amaze.

2 thoughts on “Under the radar at the White House

  1. The press would be all over this and all of his lies if he were a Republican, any assertion of the press being neutral is pure BS.

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