The New USS USA must plow through Marxist minefields


Now that the newbies have been sworn in at the White House, how long before George Soros gives his favourite protégé Barack Obama a hand by starting big plans to pervert them?

In DC it’s the power brokers of Marxism’s One World Order now running the show.  It’s an ongoing game of Snakes & Ladders with almost everyone of all political stripes connected via Think Tank membership to everyone else.

Research supremo Sandy Williams has an ongoing feature on Canada Free Press (CFP) that shows a dizzying pattern of who’s linked to whom.

The same people linked to the same think tanks show that all roads inevitably lead back to corrupt Chicago.

In the latest parcel of research, CFP readers can see how U.S. Senator and senior advisory committee member at the National Democratic Institute (think tank) Christopher J. Dodd was a mortgage recipient from the Countrywide Financial Corporation.  So were Senator Barbara Boxer and U.S. Senate Senator Kent Conrad, outgoing Speaker of the House’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., and U.S. House of Representatives member Adam H. Putnam, among others.

Hard to fathom when the mortgages of so many others are under water.

By following Williams’ research, it can be readily seen that Barack Hussein Obama is not the only one papered over with a bogus legitimacy that was long ago separated from fact.

Take the papering over of National Democratic Institute and Council on Foreign Relations (think tank) director Madeleine K. Albright, whose father Josef Korbel was Condoleezza Rice’s professor at the University of Denver.

Following Albright’s past through Wikipedia, Williams traces back a route of intrigue.  “After the defeat of the Nazis in the European Theatre of World War 11 and the collapse of Nazi Germany and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Albright and family moved back to Prague, where they were given a luxurious apartment in the Hradcany district (which later caused controversy, as it had belonged to an ethnic German Bohemian industrialist family forced out by the Beneš decrees.)

“Korbel was named Czechoslovak Ambassador to communist Yugoslavia and the family moved to Belgrade.  Communists governed Yugoslavia, and Korbel was concerned his daughter would be indoctrinated with Marxist ideology in a Yugoslav school, so she was taught by a governess and later sent to the Prepalpina Institut pour Jeunes Filles in Chexbres, on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.  Here she learned French and went by Madeleine, the French version of Madlenka, her Czech nickname.

If Albright missed Marxist indoctrination as a child, she didn’t escape it long in adulthood.

Her father was a trustee at the Aspen Institute (think tank), a director at the Atlantic Council of the United States (think tank), an overseer at the International Rescue Committee (think tank)  and a 2008 Bilderberg (think tank) conference participant.

“Madlenka” is today a trustee at the Aspen Institute, a director at the Atlantic Council of the United States, an overseer at the International Rescue Committee, a director at the Council on Foreign Relations and the chairman for the National Democratic Institute.

George Soros is a board member of the International Crisis Group.

For newcomers to the White House the road to turning the good ship USS USA around is already well booby-trapped.

For them it will be a far cry from “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.

It will be difficult to see the proverbial forest for all of the trees or to spot the live alligators among the lookalike logs.

They’ll have to hit the ground running with no time to ponder why it’s raining birds and fish rather than cats and dogs,  or if the resident in the White House is too skinny.

Here’s hoping the worthwhile ones sent to DC by the Tea Party bone up—ASAP—on the evil called Marxism.


2 thoughts on “The New USS USA must plow through Marxist minefields

  1. The corruption is so deep Jefferson would scream for revolution.

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