8 thoughts on “Shouting About Citizen

  1. Laughing out loud, I did the same think about 20 years ago and was immediately taken to the Capitol Poice lock up where I was treated as the son of Sam, double hand cuffed to I bolts in concrete bench I sat on while the booked me then took me in a squad car to the general DC lock up where they hadn’t seen a white boy in years. The booking sarg. Laughed when he saw the charges and kicked me loose and had a squad car deliver me back to the Marriott. Yes I was rightfully jailed as I disturbed the working of congress as noted in the Federal Register for disturbing the workings of Congress. Yep about 5 and a half mines when I yelled down to Chuck You Shumer, hay ” It’s not your money,” Now it really got cool when the Republican on the floor all stood up turned to us and gave us a standing ovation and were chanting the sane. That lasted about 3 minutes, my wife at the time tried to slide under the chair. LOL J.C.

    • Funny how you can be arrested for something like that yet Congress gets away with bribes, lies, tax fraud, etc.

  2. Missed this as I’m not connected much of the time, no internet in our huntin house. I couldn’t hear what they said but know what they said by the way it pissed off that democrat. Why didn’t the Republicans pick up on that obvious fact? They took an oath to protect the constitution, any there were derelict in their oath.

    • Maybe you need to update your hunting house. You know WiFi, Cable TV and a large selection of your favorite beer and snacks.

  3. We got the beer and snacks, what do you need the rest for? The idea is to get away. I bring my cell phone but turn it off and put it in the glove department.

    This vid is going viral

    • Hope people see it soon. I watched the CBS News and they didn’t say a word about it. Remember if it is not documented, it didn’t happen. I guess the same thing is true if they get rid of the proof.

  4. Drudge has picked up on it and has several entries.

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