We Must CHALLENGE Obama Before He Breaks the United States


We have all heard how narcissistic Barack Obama really is and how he does not like to take orders from anybody but, presumably, Allah his Muslim deity.  (Christian? Don’t make me laugh.)  Well for two years while he had control over the United States Congress he was at least pictured to be compliant with the whims of Pelosi and Reid, but secretly they also had to be in concert with whomever it is that runs his complicated mind.  (George Soros perhaps?)

But at times he goes completely astray and obeys only those ‘middle-of-the-night’ voices that compel him to be arbitrary and do it “his way.”

Just today, David Limbaugh, writing for Newsmax in a column titled “Obama’s Administrative Abuse Rages On”, advised that such a moment of acting “outside its constitutional authority” by “affirmatively thwarting the express will of the Congress” occurred when he issued “an executive order promising to give (the International Monetary Fund) $140 billion for redistribution to Third World countries.”

How can that man just DO something like that of his own volition?  Can he raid the United States Treasury at his will and give billions of our tax dollars away to poor people in other countries without any approval or at least, concurrence of some other justified authority?  There is no record of his having large sums of income from employment as a not too busy law school teacher,  so how did he accumulate all the millions of dollars to have his net worth now stand at around 10 million dollars at the end of 2009 according to mangoboss.com?

Where in our Constitution does it give him permission to steal the money we provide through our taxes for his own personal pleasures?  For that matter, is there any LIMIT to the amount of our tax dollars that he can steal for his whims and wishes, or does he have carte blanche?

Even David Limbaugh, a normally very staunch conservative, does not call him to task in the column advising of this chicanery, other than to casually refer to it as a mockery of bipartisanship while referring to yet another departure from normalcy with SIX recess appointments of shady characters that seem to swarm in this Administration.

This guy must have had so little money while growing up that he intends now to go on a spending spree that will not only bring the United States to its knees, but the rest of us along with the States.  He seems intent on spending at least a billion dollars for every day he was without mega-wealth as a child.  What the hell; it’s not his, the money he acquires for himself only goes one way; from the Treasury to his bank account (s?) non-stop. They’re probably secreted away with his non-existent birth certificate.

He has been doing things like this for two whole years now; when is someone going to question or challenge him?  Is there ANYONE who has the “standing” and the temerity or cajones to call him on his spending habits?

Throwing money around like an eccentric trillionaire with no visible signs of authority except those ultra dangerous Executive Orders of which I wrote so warningly in another recent column is setting a dangerous and costly precedent particularly with no one offering a challenge to his actions.

Recess appointments are a bad enough thwart to the people’s will and his apparent latest brainstorm,  where instead of trying to get the catastrophic Cap and Trade global (hoax) warming fiasco through Congress,  he will again issue (here we go again) Executive Orders through the abominable Environmental Protection Agency to do the damage that the failed legislation would have done; AGAIN thwarting the people’s will.

When those new Cap and Trade Executive Orders meet with opposition as such is proposed in Texas, then it is expected that the incompetency of this Administration will once again rear its ugly Hurricane Katrina head and try to take command of the requirements.  That’s where the hammer will hit the nail.  If I know Texans, and I have known quite a few over the years, we’ll witness a rebellion that might even get some heretofore direct answers from Obama and company.

We the people had better pray that perhaps some one of the new conservatives elected last November will step forward and demand an accounting of Obama’s dangerous maneuvers towards extinction of the United States.

And fast.


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