‘Birthers’ aren’t crazy

World Net Daily

Despite what Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck say, so-called “birthers” aren’t crazy.

In fact, they represent the clear majority of the American people – not some fringe element of society.

It wasn’t that long ago that Matthews and O’Reilly were waving copies of Barack Obama’s certification of live birth, claiming it was a birth certificate that answered all the questions anyone needs to have answered regarding his constitutional eligibility. They went even further, ridiculing anyone who demanded to see actual detailed and unquestionable documentation of Obama’s birth in Hawaii in the form of an actual birth certificate with a doctor’s signature, name of delivering hospital, etc.

Now that new Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie says he wants to release more documentation to answer the festering doubts of the American people, some of the most die-hard critics of “birthers” are now calling on Obama to release his real birth certificate.

Of course, they don’t admit so-called “birthers” have been right all along in demanding to see actual documentation. They apparently just think Americans should accept at face value whatever public officials and TV personalities tell them without question.

In other words, we now have two opposing camps on the eligibility issue:

  • the so-called “birthers,” who have steadfastly and consistently called for one thing from the beginning – the release of Obama’s original, long-form birth certificate so this issue can be settled once and for all; and
  • the self-proclaimed “enemies” of the “birthers,” like Matthews, who now call for Obama to release his original, long-form birth certificate so this issue can be settled once and for all.

We now have consensus.

Everyone agrees – from Gov. Abercrombie and Matthews, both Obama Kool-aid drinkers, to Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah, both Obama critics: There’s only one thing Barack Obama can and should do – release his birth certificate to the public.

Meanwhile, we have Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin sitting in a prison cell for the next six months because Obama won’t lift a finger to provide what 58 percent of the American people clearly want to see.

Now, I admit, I don’t have much influence with Barack Obama.

But people like Abercrombie and Matthews should.

They have carried water for the guy for years.

When are they going to realize Obama is intentionally hiding something?

I mean, which is a crazier idea?

  • Obama has a birth certificate that affirms everything he has claimed about his background, but refuses to share it with the American public despite nose-diving popularity ratings; or
  • Obama is stonewalling because he has something to hide.

Which one of those options makes more sense to you?

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