Nullification in 2011!


The great issue of our times is the same great issue of the 1830s. The question is whether Congress can pass legislation or the President issue executive orders that are not authorized by or consistent with the Constitution?

The federal government is a republic composed of separate and sovereign republics.

What recourse do the States have individually and in combination when the central government acts in a fashion that is contrary to the limits and enumerated powers of the Constitution?

The answer, other than an appeal to the courts, is nullification. This term is defined as the assertion that States can and should refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws.

This is no trifling matter.

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111th Congress added more debt than first 100 Congresses combined: $10,429 per person in U.S.

The federal government has accumulated more new debt–$3.22 trillion ($3,220,103,625,307.29)—during the tenure of the 111th Congress than it did during the first 100 Congresses combined, according to official debt figures published by the U.S. Treasury.

That equals $10,429.64 in new debt for each and every one of the 308,745,538 people counted in the United States by the 2010 Census.

The total national debt of $13,858,529,371,601.09 (or $13.859 trillion), as recorded by the U.S. Treasury at the close of business on Dec. 22, now equals $44,886.57 for every man, woman and child in the United States.

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TSA Silences Pilot For Telling The Truth

Investors Business Daily

Terrorism: A pilot who posted a YouTube video documenting flaws in TSA’s airport security has his home raided and federally issued firearm confiscated. Body scanners and junk-touching are just the beginning.

Ever watchful all 364 days of the year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has discovered a new security threat — pilots who fly our planes and have questions about the TSA’s security practices and policies.

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Larry Elder Liberals’ 50 Years of Dreadful Domestic Policy


For the past 50 years, the Democrats — and many Republicans who should know better — have been wrong about virtually every major domestic policy issue. Let’s review some of them:

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More evidence emerging that that Constitution supporters are considered threats

A report published today by Kurt Nimmo states that a Department of Homeland Security

fusion center in Florida conducted surveillance on Ron Paul supporters and other political groups. A law enforcement sensitive bulletin dated 4 June 2010, issued by the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange, identified  one event hosted by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty that was subjected to official intelligence monitoring by that arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Nimmo notes that the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange was established with the assistance of an $850,000 Department of Homeland Security grant, which is your tax dollars at work. The center is specifically tasked with looking for terrorist leads.

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Where Are the Stories On the Death of the Democrat Party?

Big Journalism

November 2nd was not a pendulum swing, it was the beginning of a movement.

The activist old media and their Democrat friends act like this is just another fad that will come and go quickly—just like they saw in 2008 with their Dear Leader elected as President. Since they saw the rise and fall happen to them, then it must happen to us. Oh, their inability to see themselves is always entertaining.

When Republicans lost in 2008 there were stories everywhere about the Death of the Republican Party.  The one in Time Magazine was most enjoyable. While this article talks about the possibility of a comeback, Michael Grunwald can’t mention often enough that Republicans are an “endangered species” and even calling them the Donner Party. Who’s eating their own now?


Republicans went more conservative as a party and just completed perhaps the most amazing sweep of this nation in our lifetimes. 63 House seats, 6 Senate seats, 12 Governorships and nearly 700 State seats went Red in 2010. While repeating those numbers seems unlikely in 2012 (we’re just looking mainly at that Top Spot and a bunch of those Senate seats up for grabs), few honest observers could doubt this move to the right will continue.

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Obama Destined to Be a Footnote in Presidential History

American Thinker

Barack Obama has set a course that will leave his legacy as no more than a footnote in American presidential history.  For all of the bluster and glory, for all of the pomp and circumstance, and yes, for all of the anticipated hope and the promised change, the whirlwind of hype and expectation surrounding the president a mere two years earlier has virtually dissolved.

He was the man destined to save this country from his predecessor’s failures.  He was the man who would end the war in Iraq, finish the war in Afghanistan, and shut down the prison at Guantánamo Bay.  He was the man charged with rescuing the faltering American economy.  He was the man who would usher in a post-racial era in an allegedly inherently racist American society.  And he was the man who had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based not on tangible accomplishment, but simply upon these very expectations.


On all of these accounts, President Obama has been a striking failure.

Obama to enact end-of-life planning for Medicare

WASHINGTON — When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,” Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options

for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.

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Sewage Spill Beaches Obama’s Hawaiian Holiday

Oh the irony, considering the ‘crap sandwiches’ Obama has shoved down the throats of Americans the past two years.


Hawaii Reporter reports:

The City & County of Honolulu reports there were an estimated 14 sewage spills during the heavy rainstorm last weekend, at least four of which the state says happened in the windward community of Kailua where President Obama and his family are staying this holiday season.

Those sewage overflows rose from waterlogged manholes and went into the Kaelepulu Stream, which is one of two major waterways in the Kailua district. No total for the sewage gallon count total has been posted yet.


To top it off, President Barack Obama and his family are visiting the islands, and in fact, are staying right on Kailua beach in the homes where the brown water, bubbles and all, will finally land.


With all the national news in town focusing on the president and his family and the houses they are staying in and the shave ice they are eating, it is surprising that no news networks besides Hawaii News Now and Hawaii Reporter are asking these questions and noting that the local government is intentionally dumping sewage at the beach where president and family are vacationing.

Aloooooo – ha! … Mr. President.

Maybe Obama is not Hawaii’s favorite son after all…

To funny, wherever O goes crap follows. Remember the Martha’s Vineyard incident?

Maybe it is an omen. Hey Obama stop crapping on America. You deserve this, but we deserve better.