TSA Silences Pilot For Telling The Truth

Investors Business Daily

Terrorism: A pilot who posted a YouTube video documenting flaws in TSA’s airport security has his home raided and federally issued firearm confiscated. Body scanners and junk-touching are just the beginning.

Ever watchful all 364 days of the year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has discovered a new security threat — pilots who fly our planes and have questions about the TSA’s security practices and policies.

Three days after a 50-year-old veteran pilot living outside Sacramento, Calif., posted a YouTube video to shed light on the security gaps he believes exist at major U.S. airports, he had his home raided by four federal air marshals and two sheriff deputies, including members of an anti-terrorism task force.

The pilot, who was deputized by the TSA to carry a handgun in the cockpit as a federal flight deck officer (FFDO), had his federally issued firearm and badge confiscated. A follow-up letter from the sheriff’s department said his CCW (carry a concealed weapon) permit would be revaluated pending a federal investigation.

Sacramento’s ABC TV affiliate News10 reports that the pilot, who has asked that neither his name nor his airline be disclosed pending the investigation, on Nov. 28 posted six video clips taken from a cell phone camera at San Francisco International Airport.

The pilot also provided News10 with video of the confrontation on his driveway, which he recorded on a camera positioned at an upstairs window.

The posted videos showed TSA’s current practice of forcing pilots to go through TSA screening while ground crew members who service the aircraft are able to access sensitive areas merely by swiping a card at an unmanned door.

“As you can see,” the pilot narrates on the videos, “airport security is a kind of farce. It’s only smoke and mirrors so you people actually believe there is something serious going on here.”

The pilot did not appreciate the irony of his being allowed to carry a gun in the cockpit, yet being forced to submit to TSA screening procedures. Video shot in the cockpit shows a rescue ax on the flight deck available to a flight crew forced to go through metal detectors.

“I would say a two-foot crash ax looks a lot more formidable than a box cutter,” the pilot remarked.

The TSA’s explanation for the raid in a letter dated Dec. 6 was that the “content and subject of these videos may have violated regulations concerning disclosure of sensitive security information.”


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