News Reports Sum Up Obama’s Plans for Complete Destruction of America


In just a few minutes of reading the E-Brief today on December 21, 2010, I was appalled and yet not surprised to find so many references to actions being considered or taken by our far-left, Socialist dominated federal government and the Marxist Obama Administration.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the Obama gang is bound and determined to absolutely destroy and cede over our country to the corrupt and poisonous United Nations.  They are leaving no doubt that they wish America to be conquered first by themselves, and then handed over to the evil forces of the Bilderberg Group who exercise absolute control over the United Nations.

In the first article on the E-Brief it reports on Obama’s addressing a Tribal Nations conference at the White House last week, and apologizing; yes, I said, APOLOGIZING, as he seems to be forever doing on our behalf without our permission, and against our wishes like a traitor that gives his country up to an enemy.

This man has absolutely no scruples or reverence for America’s 235 years of solid freedom and care for its people and for suffering people around the world.  No nation has ever been more caring for others in the history of our planet.  But this evil-doing presidential usurper has a goal of killing us all off by means of dealing us off to the slavery of the unsavory United Nations.

In his apology “for the mistreatment of the ‘First Americans,’. he said he would support a United Nations declaration that sets forth the many ‘rights’ of indigenous peoples. That includes the ‘right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.’”  In other words, give lands back to the American Indians that were taken from them primarily through their losses in warfare with the early settlers and their armies.

This same declaration could apply as well to the Hispanics that also claim large parts of our Southwest and Western states.  How dare he make such a statement?  Does he as a usurper president have such authority to make such statements?  I would rather believe that he does NOT.

In the second part of the E-Brief it explains how our very illustrious and safeguarding Marine Corps insists that Obama’s recent insistence on wanting and getting the lemming-like Congress to pass laws repealing the legal restrictions on openly gay persons to be in our military will damage their effectiveness in “an intense combat situation.”

This is just more of the Marxist Obama’s ways of destroying our country. Oh, it sounds so lofty and caring to say platitudes such as “allowing ALL of our citizens to serve their country in our armed services”, but in reality, it can be a deadly blow to our country to allow entry to those who are not qualified emotionally or psychically for it.

I served as a combat infantry man in the U. S. Marine Corps against the Japanese in World War Two and as a warrior trying to re-take the island of Guadalcanal. I spent many nights in ever close proximity to another male, who if he had homosexual tendencies toward me, it could have disrupted our engagement with the enemy plans in a very suicidal way.

But because this foreigner wormed his way into the confidence of the American people enough to capture the office of the president with absolutely NO PROOF of being qualified as a natural born citizen, he now has convinced hundreds of gullible co-conspirators in Congress to create an atmosphere that will be deadly to our men and women in combat situations.

Sadly, even that relic of pure worthlessness, who also gained the presidency only without the necessary mental capacities, Jimmy Carter, is referenced in another E-Brief, “remarking that Americans will be ready to elect a Gay President ‘in the near future’ on the Big Think website.”

And in yet another worrisome note, E-Brief reports that Obama is “Pushing for Passage of the START Treaty by Year’s End” saying that “President Barack Obama has been working to try to secure Senate ratification of a nuclear missile reduction treaty with Russia in the lame-duck session of Congress. without concern about growing Republican opposition to the treaty.”  This piece of dead giveaway of our defensive capabilities to the favor of Russian interests is likely one more stone being put into place by Obama the traitor to weaken and eventually destroy our strength for self protection.

And the following bit of chicanery that is being applied to the usurper president’s gallery of weapons for the destruction of our nation, is in the E-Brief report that “Travelers [are] Still Entering U. S. Without Secure ID.” stating that “Millions of travelers are still being admitted to the United States without passports or other secure IDs, a new government audit shows.  A report in Tuesday’s Houston Chronicle notes that U.S. Customs and Border Protection was supposed to start enforcing stringent ID requirements at the nation’s land borders more than 18 months ago.”

If all of these reports shown above do not indicate that this Administration with the complicity of our United States Congress is trying to totally dismantle by whatever means available the scuttling this country and delivery of it to the United Nations for the enslavement of all of our people, then I will be very pleased; but unfortunately and much to my regret, I think my worst fears will be proven if remedial actions are not taken IMMEDIATELY.


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