Sticks, Stones, and Thin-Skinned Barry

Red State

Robert Menendez, the other day, said it was like negotiating with terrorists referencing the tax compromise talks. Today, Barack Obama called the GOP ‘hostage takers.’

So much for reaching across the aisle.

Of course that is what Barack Obama had to say. His base is so angry they’d be breaking out the pitchforks and storming the White House if it weren’t for the Secret Service and their two year narrative that its the tea party that is the angry-racist crowd.

Ultimately, the most thinned skinned inhabitant of the White House in several generations, literally took one on the chin a few weeks ago and has figuratively taken one today. More so, he gave the GOP leaders — not necessarily the GOP itself — what they wanted and acknowledged that they’ll be in an even better position come January.

That just gives the GOP base the incentive to try to kill this deal. And no, I don’t think he is smart enough to intend that from his remarks.

The President of the United States today has been left with a few “I’m rubber, your glue” remarks in his newly styled sticks and stones White House.

But, Mr. Obama, I have a question for you — if the American people are hostages and the GOP are the hostage takers, what the hell are you besides a failed negotiator?

And if you can’t even succeed in negotiating with the GOP, how exactly will you succeed against Iran, North Korea, and . . . you know . . . the real terrorists and hostage takers? Maybe this explains why the 2010 troop death toll in Afghanistan is closing in on the total Afghan death toll under George W. Bush’s Presidency.


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