In Plain Sight


Communists no longer hide what they’re doing.  Now they boldly spout their anti-American rhetoric at every opportunity.  In fact, some of them are openly calling for an armed revolution now, to bring down our Republic – while hiding behind the very Constitution they seek to destroy.

They deny us our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech and Press, while claiming its protection for themselves.  They squelch any expression of our religious belief or patriotism, while demanding the freedom to spread THEIR lies.

They seek to deny our Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms – our right to self-defense – while they will use violence to impose their will on the rest of us.

That’s not new, of course.  But for generations, their efforts were fruitless in America, so what changed the situation?  The answer is simple: their diligence, and our lack of it.  They stuck to their game plan, and carried out the steps of the Communist Manifesto:

  • They infiltrated and gained control of the mainstream media, so that they control the message the public receives, and consequently, what the public thinks.
  • They gained control of education, so that they dictate what our children are taught and can insure that future generations are totally indoctrinated in Leftist ideology.
  • They gained control of banking and industry, so that THEY determine who has money and employment, and who does not.
  • And they infiltrated our government to the highest levels of authority, and either have or seek control of all food and energy sources, transportation and health care, as well.

THAT is the way it’s done, Folks, and they were diligent about it.  They were patient, and didn’t slack off, or get distracted.

But we did.  We got complacent, and took our Republic and the Freedoms ensured by our Constitution for granted.  We thought we couldn’t lose it, so we didn’t bother to protect it.  DWTS and celebrity underwear “malfunctions” became more important – so WE got caught with ours down.

The British statesman, Edmund Burke, said, “All it takes for evil men to succeed is for good men to do nothing”.  Well, guess what?  They have, because we didn’t.  So now what?

Leadership of the Democrat Party is in the iron grip of militant, America-hating Leftists intent on dismantling our Republic

This isn’t going to end well.  The rank-and-file Democrat is a decent blue-collar type who just wants security for his family.  But the leadership of the Democrat Party is in the iron grip of militant, America-hating Leftists intent on dismantling our Republic.  To them, the rest of us – Democrat and Republican – are just tools to use, abuse, or destroy, because nothing matters but their goal: the destruction of America.

Look at the Communist nations.  They publicly claim “Equality for the People”, but there are only two kinds of people there:  the elite, “insider” members of the the Communist Party – and everybody else.

In Communist countries, Party members have special stores to shop in… special areas to live in… even traffic lanes only they can use.  They enjoy rights, privileges, products and services that they deny to the rest of the citizens.

Here, our taxpaying citizens – the VICTIMS of terrorism – must submit to Body Scans and sexual assault just to board an airliner.  Moreover, DHS is expanding these police state tactics to train and bus stations, as well!  Not to worry – certain “special” people are getting a pass on these intrusive searches – IF they’re in good with the government.  Charlie Rangel tells us to pay our taxes, but doesn’t pay his own.  Congress tells us that WE must tighten our belts and do without, while they squander our tax dollars on luxury for themselves.

Now, someone tell me the difference between our government, and that of Russia, Venezuela, China and Cuba.  Oh, wait – I know!  Ours isn’t executing people in the streets – YET.

America’s enemies saw victory in sight – they could taste it.  But in the mid-term elections, they lost control of the House, and they realized that true, loyal Americans are not going to go down quietly.

Our Founders wrote the Second Amendment to insure that our citizens could put up armed resistance to any attack by “enemies, foreign or domestic”.  So we patriots hold fast to our private gun ownership.  And we laugh when rank-and-file Liberals threaten us, because we know they’ve been brainwashed to be “peaceniks”, who are scared to death of guns!

But hard-core Communists aren’t.  Remember the Tiananmen Square Massacre?  They slaughtered their own without hesitation, because the Party doesn’t accept “No” as an answer.  And in the recent elections, we just said “No” to their plans for America.

No matter how we try to avoid it, armed conflict is coming – because our enemies will deliberately bring it.  They WILL get violent, because that’s what Communists do

So brace yourselves.  No matter how we try to avoid it, armed conflict is coming – because our enemies will deliberately bring it.  They WILL get violent, because that’s what Communists do.  That’s the standard next phase of a Communist take-over, and the only “peaceful resolution” they want is your surrender.

Our Founders gave us the tools, and the battle plan.  See to your own, be prepared, and may God bless and keep you and yours.


One thought on “In Plain Sight

  1. ECONOMIC COUP NOW FORMING by the BRIC nations on control of the Reserve Currency , I think the Democratically controlled congress right now will try and allow this to happen NOW before the end of the year !!!!!!!!! I think this was their plan right from the get go , and they see their chance of collusion into the One World Order regime slipping away so they are behind the scenes speeding up the process with their Communists friends , forcing the collapse of the economic structure with every threat they can think of ……….

    US Congress has a Chance to Maintain FREEDOM RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!! the USA can survive is to revive the US Constitution Amendment 1 Section 10 of the US monetary Policy as was set forth by the founders , if , ” IF ” the USA wants to continue to be a Independent Country !!! , THIS is the critical Point of whether or not we cede to the NEW world ORDER or NOT !!!!!!

    It will Require re-instituting the US Constitutional Sound Money rule at this very critical Time to avert a Collusion of the USA into a One World Order due to its attempt …. by the current Democratic controlled Congress , the Federal reserve and the ECONOMIC COUP NOW FORMING by the BRIC nations

    The Central banking establishment within the Frame work of the Federal reserve ie the banks that make up the Federal Reserve I believe are fractured from the International Central Banking establishment with what the BRIC nations are doing here !!!!
    I would venture a Guess that this has even Isolated Soros from the European Union and he is a Man without a Country right now , along with his counter parts of the Federal Reserve Cabal thats been separated from their Central banking structure with this Move by the BRIC nations . The Federal Reserve has now been reduced to ONLY the paper they print , with no allegiance of Intrinsic value by international nation allegiance of resources , this by proxy cancels the position the dollar has had as Reserve Currency , and the only way the USA can survive is to revive the US Constitution Amendment 1 Section 10 of the US monetary Policy as was set forth by the founders , if , ” IF ” the USA wants to continue to be a Independent Country !!! , THIS is the critical Point of whether or not we cede to the NEW world ORDER or NOT !!!!!!

    SEE How the BRIC Nations are Swallowing up Europe ??

    Watch Saudi Arabia fold into this NEXT when Iran Takes over OPEC on Jan 1st 2011 !!!!!!

    This will Isolate the Federal Reserve from the Central Banks and Isolation of the USA away from its Allies like Europe !!!! This is Strategic within the BRIC Allegiance on calling for the dollar to not be reserve currency any longer . This will take down Wall Streets Global Market structure .

    Vladimir Putin Supports Euro as Stable World Currency
    Pay attention to what Russia says here in the link above ;
    “Can we assume that Russia together with Europe will one day be in a single currency zone? I can assume that,” he said.

    Putin also criticized the dominance of U.S. dollar in the world economy, which makes it vulnerable.

    This will crash the Goldman Sachs banking institutes and with it the Wall Street Structure as we know it today . The problem this creates is that it will now force the US Government to have to Federalize the Economic function and take over the USA free market economy . Everything we know as far as 401K , IRA , will all fall under the command of the Government as they try to move the nation towards a Peaceful resolve of this isolating effect on world supply of goods .
    The USA is going to experience what Iceland went through in 2008 and is still going through today as we are going to be forced to produce something of value that we can trade if we want to import a durable product from the BRIC nations going forward , because they are NOT going to take our dollars any longer !
    When you read this story on The demise of DEBT that took down Iceland its a carbon copy of whats coming to the USA with the Strategic collpase of the dollar as Reserve Currency by the BRIC , because the only way the Dollar has stood through all this cabal of debt collapse has been with its Status as World Trade currency enabling the USA to capitalize on international economic activity , once this positions is lost , the USA will fall like Iceland !!!!!

    China and Russia announced Today they are NO LONGER USING the Dollar in their Trade Business ??????

    HERE are more examples of the Strategic alliance between the BRIC nations to Ditch the Dollar as Reserve Currency , The BRIC controls the majority of natural Resource in the world between themselves now and they are going to Isolate the USA economically to Force the transition of reserve currency , Will the USA fall and Lose its Independences by folding into this One World Order , OR will the USA decide to stay Independent even if it means less trade and even if it means a collapse of the Global Trade system of Wall Street in the short term while the USA restructures its debts and finds its way forward on a new economic platform which stays within the frame work of the US Constitutional Sound Money Amendment 1 Section 10 rule ????
    This alliance between the BRIC nations is the way they will resist the retaliation from the west as its forced to cede control of the reserve currency status !!!
    China, Russia vow to advance military ties
    India in Talks to Buy 300 Russian Fighter Jets; Working Together to Build a New Generation Fighter Jet

    Russia signs India nuclear reactor deal

    Losing control of Economic National Security in oil price , we have no back up reserves if they choose to reject the dollar

    Russia to build nuclear power station in Venezuela

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