In Plain Sight


Communists no longer hide what they’re doing.  Now they boldly spout their anti-American rhetoric at every opportunity.  In fact, some of them are openly calling for an armed revolution now, to bring down our Republic – while hiding behind the very Constitution they seek to destroy.

They deny us our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech and Press, while claiming its protection for themselves.  They squelch any expression of our religious belief or patriotism, while demanding the freedom to spread THEIR lies.

They seek to deny our Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms – our right to self-defense – while they will use violence to impose their will on the rest of us.

That’s not new, of course.  But for generations, their efforts were fruitless in America, so what changed the situation?  The answer is simple: their diligence, and our lack of it.  They stuck to their game plan, and carried out the steps of the Communist Manifesto:

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