Proof Positive that the government rates body scanner resisters as “Non-Islamic DomesticTerrorists”


My report DHS & TSA: Making a list, checking it twice has apparently stirred a lot of controversy. It has also been met with skepticism and denials about its actual existence. Some find it difficult to believe that our government would actually label anyone who opposes the use of naked body scanners and aggressive airport pat-downs as “domestic extremists.”

It is unfortunately obvious that there are many people who are living in a state of denial or blissful ignorance. We are living in a time when our government can issue an official 86-page report about the mass murder of 13 people at Fort Hood by a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar” before he began pumping bullets into innocent bystanders yet never once mention Islam, Muslim or the Islamic ideology that allegedly motivated the attack.

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Obama’s Police State

by Jeffrey Kuhner

President Obama is engaging in a relentless assault on our freedoms and constitutional government. The growing backlash against the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screening procedures signifies that Americans finally may have had enough.

There is a grass-roots revolt against state-sanctioned sexual harassment. And who can blame the protesters? Children are stripped of their shirts, and their private parts are touched. Nuns and old ladies are groped by intrusive TSA agents. Breasts have been fondled. Men’s crotches have been patted down. Full-body scanners show images of people naked – a clear violation of privacy and civil liberties.

The administration insists that the enhanced procedures are vital for national security. The rationale: Last year’s underwear bomber nearly blew up a plane flying over Detroit. Hence, everyone’s private parts are now the property of the federal government – at least when flying.

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