Seat Belt Laws – Airport Pat Downs – Obama Care: It’s All About Conditioning!


CONDITIONING:  “The process in which the frequency or predictability of a behavioral response is increased through reinforcement (i.e., a stimulus or a reward for the desired response). Classical, or respondent, conditioning, which involves stimulus substitution, is based on the work of Ivan Pavlov, who conditioned dogs by ringing a bell each time the aroma offood was presented. Eventually the dogs salivated when the bell rang, even if no food odor was present; salivation was thus the conditioned response.”  From:  Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

How far will we allow our government to go, to protect us from ourselves?  Anyone over 60 certainly remembers when government wasn’t telling us what we could eat, what we could drive, where we should live, or require us to wear seat belts or bicycle helmets.  Somehow we managed to survive without government intervention.  It must have been a miracle.

Forty years ago the cost of a house wasn’t blown totally out of proportion by having to follow insane environmental laws.  Gas didn’t have 18 grades that drives the price through the roof.  We drilled for oil, natural gas and dug black coal out of the ground because they were the energy source that powered our economy.  We built dams for water conservation, flood control and power generation.  We constructed nuclear power plants because they were more efficient and cleaner than crude oil, natural gas, or coal.  But that is all gone now.  Why?  Conditioning!  Control!

We didn’t have to go through security check points and get virtually undressed or patted down in our private parts in order to board a bus, a train, or an airplane.  We weren’t being asked to give up our liberty in place of security.  Somehow health care took care of itself until the government got involved with Medicare and Medicaid.  No it wasn’t perfect, but at least we did it ourselves with the help of private industry.

With every bill that is passed, with every presidential executive order, with every Supreme Court decision, we are being “conditioned” to accept more and more control by a government that is assuming greater and greater power.  Our property rights have been usurped by environmental protection, even though environmental protection is clearly a public purpose and falls under the 5th Amendment that requires due process and just compensation.  Supreme Court decisions in support of irrational environmentalism have only exacerbated the loss of property rights.  The government laughs at due process and just compensation.

Instead of creating more energy like we always have in the past, we are being “conditioned” to conserve.  Our cars are being required to meet not only draconian gas emission standards, but also gas mileage efficiency that forces our cars to be lighter and less safer to drive.  In a stroke of genius, in the 1970s, the government required all cars to have catalytic converters whose bi-product was carbon dioxide (CO2), now the very compound that the Environmental Protection Agency has declared a pollutant and must be regulated.  Inefficient “alternative” wind and solar energy is being shoved down our throats at the taxpayer’s expense.  More conditioning for the boogey man that is man-caused global warming.

The government takes huge portions of our income to fund a welfare and nanny state.  We have, by implementing welfare, created generations of welfare recipients who have been “conditioned” (bought off) to vote for those who keep the “pig trough” full.

We are being regulated, cajoled, herded and manipulated like never before.  Every single legislature, at any level of government, is passing law, after law, after law.  Every out-of-control bureaucracy is promulgating rule, after rule, after rule, without legislative oversight, all for the sole purpose of rounding the American people up and “conditioning” them to slavery.  You can’t turn sidewise without breaking a law or a rule.  Government has made almost every American a criminal.

Instead of going after the “bad guy” with the full force of the American military and our intelligence community, or wise profiling, we force every single American who flies the “un-friendly” skies, from baby, to teenager, to adult and finally to our frail seniors, to endure invasive and insulting screening at airports.  Instead of using our military to protect our borders with orders to shoot to kill anyone crossing illegally, we allow millions of illegal aliens to pour into America and then hand over to them free food, free housing, free education and free health care, all at the taxpayer’s expense.  Now these illegals are demanding amnesty.  Demanding?  Outrageous!

Instead of going to war to win, as we did in both World Wars, we pussyfoot around with the local population and allow rampant corruption and the locals to grow and sell drugs to fund our enemies and then turn on our soldiers and kill them without warning.  The Afghan war would have been over by now had we gone in with an overwhelming force, conquered the country completely, established a temporary government and then turned the government back to the people when they showed signs they could handle it, just as we did to Japan and Germany.  Under the current strategy, our soldiers are maimed and killed needlessly.  That is not only a waste of a precious resource, it is treasonous.

Now, a law has been passed to nationalize our health care, on top of all the other unconstitutional nationalizing this government has done.  As we keep repeating, over and over again, when the government controls the money, the land, the water, the food, the energy and the health care, American freedom will be nothing but a fleeting fantasy.  Government is so close to achieving their goal that only a minute gap remains.  We will have been “conditioned” into involuntary servitude and will have been complicit in our own demise.

This conservative movement that has swept the country in the year of our Lord 2010, is our last best hope.  We, en masse, either drive our freedom agenda home to our representatives now, or watch the light and hope that was America, fade into history.  We cannot let the current, corrupt inertia that is Washington DC and all the capitols of all the states, override the rising crescendo of voices that are crying liberty at the top of their lungs.

Otherwise, the final cry will be, as it was during the birth of freedom, “GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH”, because there are millions of Americans who will not get on “conditioning” trains on their way to FEMA camps, nor will they go quietly into the night and instead they will resist, with all their might, government “conditioning” and government control.

In the end, most Americans are not dogs who will salivate when the government rings a bell.  They are more apt to get ticked off and then turn their anger on the bell ringer, as they just did on November 2nd, 2010.


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