Socialists and Communists: Coming out of the Closet

American Thinker

I have come to believe we live in the Twilight Zone.  During the past few days two videos had come to my attention which almost made my jaw drop to the floor.  The socialists and communists are coming out of the closet, outing themselves.

Last Thursday, a communist commercial (or as I prefer to call it: propaganda) surfaced.  It starts out with a sweet lady saying she likes to scrapbook.  Wow, I do too!  But in her next statement she tells the viewers that she is a communist.  I did a double take and watched as one after another fellow communists depicted how average they are, but that they have chosen to be communists.
When I thought things couldn’t become any stranger Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC verified something I had always thought about him.


This past Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Lawrence O’Donnell and blogger Glenn Greenwald had a heated exchange which resulted in O’Donnell proudly leaping out of the proverbial socialist closet:

“Glenn, unlike you, I am not a progressive. I am not a liberal who is so afraid of the word that I had to change my name to progressive. Liberals amuse me.
I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals, okay? However, I know this about my country. Liberals are 20 percent of the electorate. Conservatives are 41 percent of the electorate, okay?…You can sit there and pretend that liberals should run more liberal in conservative districts. You love the loss of the Blue Dogs. The only way, the only way you have a chairman Barney Frank, there’s only one way, that’s by electing Blue Dogs. It’s the only way. That’s the only way you have a Speaker Pelosi.”
So what is the lesson here?  The communists and socialists are attempting to become mainstream.  The question remains:  will it work?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I would like to see these capitalist living bearded socialists try moving to one of the countries that already has a socialist or communist form of government in place.  Try it out for awhile.  Let me know how much you like it and get back to me.  It would be fascinating to see if you continue to believe in those failed systems of government as you quickly flee back to the United States of America.

20 Killed Over Weekend in Mexican Border City

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — At least 20 people were killed in drug-gang violence over the weekend in this northern Mexican border city, including seven found dead outside one house.

The seven men were believed to have been at a family party when they were gunned down Saturday night, said Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office in Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located. Five were found dead in a car, and the other two were shot at the entrance of the home.

There have been several such massacres in Ciudad Juarez, a city held hostage by a nearly three-year turf battle between the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels.

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Barack Obama joined Muslim prayers at school, teacher says

AS a schoolboy in Jakarta, Barack Obama attended Muslim prayer sessions with his classmates against the wishes of his mother.

The US President’s former grade three teacher said that Mr Obama – who was known as “Barry” when he attended the Menteng One school in Jakarta – studied the Koran and went to classes on Islam, despite the objections of Ann Dunham, a Catholic.

The teacher’s recollections will add to speculation about Mr Obama’s links to Islam during his much-anticipated visit to Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, as part of his ten-day tour of Asia.

His middle name, Hussein, and the fact that his stepfather was a Muslim, have combined to perpetuate rumours about Mr Obama’s religious leanings. The number of Americans who think that he is a Muslim has grown since his inauguration to one in five.

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