Is Impeachment Inevitable?

Canada Free Press

Forgive me for being skeptical, but I just don’t see Obama getting the message after the Democrats get their tails handed to them in the coming elections. To perceive and learn from failure requires a certain amount of character, humility and ability for personal examination, and let’s be real… Obama isn’t that type of guy.

So what’s he going to do when his party gets stomped by an angry American electorate? Admit he’s wrong? Apologize for error of his ways? Beg for forgiveness? Yeah, right, and I’m the King of Spain.

Committed ideologue doesn’t do Obama justice. Brainwashed fool seems insufficient. Brain dead Marxist lunatic is more like it… and a lazy one at that (how about another round of golf, champ?).

As a steadfast socialist, Obama is 100% devoted to the one thing that unites them all… he is committed to the Big Lie.

The Big Lie says that intentions mean more important than results, which is only natural considering socialist results are always disastrous.

The economy is tanking because of out-of-control wealth redistribution? (Just give it more time.) Senators and Representatives need to be bribed to pass legislation? (What’s a few hundred million between friends?) Billions and billions and billions of taxpayer dollars flushed down the toilet? (Yes we can!)

For those who worship the Big Lie, things like removing the words “by their Creator” from the Declaration of Independence (and sticking it back in there when you get called out on it) and saying the waters will recede with an election, actually make sense.

Socialists believe in the Big Lie because the only truth that matters to them is power. No lies = no power, no power = political death and I promise you, Obama isn’t going to just fade away because Americans don’t like him anymore.

The Angry Socialist

You can sense Obama’s disdain for the American people in his speeches – no more Mr. Bipartisan nice guy. He isn’t out there defending his agenda or speaking to the greatness of our nation. He’s really not even stumping for Democrats, because everything coming out of his mouth sure isn’t bringing in the votes. What he’s really trying to do is demonize his opponents, and I don’t just mean Republicans. He’s coming after all of us.

Obama has even turned on his own supporters in a big way. He has accused them for not being “serious” with his election – Duh! Of course they weren’t serious. If they were, he never would have been elected President in the first place.

The Big Lie works only when no one knows about it. With the rise of Fox News, conservative writers and the internet, there are far too many people out there spreading the word about Obama’s socialist failures for him to Alinsky-style shut them up, and finally many of his former supporters are starting to see the light.

And once you see the light, there is no going back.

What comes next?

We’ve already had a taste of things to come with Cap and Trade. After a protracted debate in the Senate that failed to produce a bill, all Obama had to do to implement his economy killing energy policy was direct the EPA to unilaterally set CO2 emission standards – so much for the whole representative government thing.

Even with a Republican controlled Congress, I guarantee that Obama will continue with the “transformation” of America through Presidential decrees and government regulation. After all, we are talking about a guy who draws moral equivalence between his efforts to socialize America and Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves.

Obama recently described “education and energy” as things “we haven’t yet finished”, scary words, indeed, considering who they are coming from. Then of course there’s amnesty, Card Check and union pension bailouts still on the Obama docket, none of which portend well for America.

So the question is: What will Republicans do?

I don’t think there is much of a question of what the voters want. We’re not looking for accommodation with socialists, nor do we care about dialog with Marxists – YOU HEAR ME LINDSEY GRAHAM? We want him STOPPED!

No more weakness will be tolerated. If Obama tries to use the National Labor Relations board to implement Card Check – Impeach him!
If Obama grants amnesty to illegal aliens through presidential decree – Impeach him!

If Obama allows the UN to levy taxes against America – Impeach him… and then throw him in jail!

The incoming Republican Congress must be ready, willing and able to depose Obama. He’s already committed many crimes worthy of investigation and will likely continue to abuse the power granted to him by the American people, and we’ve had enough.

And for those Republicans who might be getting cold feet, be aware – if you don’t oppose the Obama agenda by any and all means including impeachment, as the American people demand, we’ll toss you out on your behinds in the next election just like him.


2 thoughts on “Is Impeachment Inevitable?

  1. This is why the SENATE has got to BECOME REPUBLICAN MAJORITY to STOP THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please go to this website ; , and scroll down to Sec.2 Policy(B-iii) you will read the line (iii)under “The United States shall promote this policy by”: pursuing the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention; the ” Law of the SEA Convention ” Which regulates ONLY ” International Waters ” what Obama wants to do Is place USA waterways into control under this UNITED NATION REGULATORY POLICY Which would Require the United States to Conform on USA Land to the Environmental Management and Commercial Developments of our Water Ways as How the United nations would DICTATE the USAGE LAWS, and If the USA did Not Abide by these Standards then UN NATO FORCES would Have the Right to Invade the USA and Enforce these LAWS , and if you read this link you can read how the International Water ways are regulated in all forms , this would Undermine the USA sovereignty , and would be Un-Constitutional as if we were a One World Order under UN Agenda 21 , see here ;

    If you were President what would you do , would you fold the USA into the New World , or One World Order , or would you maintain the USA as a Independent Nation Free from the One World Order Regime ????

  2. Barney FRANK has got too GO !!!!!
    If you watch the first 3 minutes of this Video you will hear Barney Frank Talking in this video as he Is Chairing this Hearing On the trillion dollar bailout to foreigners he is questioning Ben Bernanke on , he should have ask for his resignation !!!
    Why should we the people get stuck with Higher Taxes if we did not know we were bailing out foreigners ??
    WHY didn’t Chairman Barney FRANK And REP Allen Grayson Call for BEN Bernanke’s RESIGNATION ON THE SPOT HERE IN THIS VIDEO ???

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