FTC Drops Investigation of Google Less than a Week after Company Exec Hosts Obama Fundraiser

Big Government

Yesterday, the White House blog asked “as special interest billionaires continued to pour secret donations of millions of dollars each into front groups supporting Republicans, we asked the obvious question: “What do they expect in return?“”   They added, “Congressional Republicans have made clear that lobbyists have a seat at the table even when they are formulating their party’s broader strategy and governing vision.”


People in glass White Houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Michelle Obama Wants $400 Million for Non-Existent ‘Food Deserts’

Is First Lady Michelle Obama’s proposed $400 million/year “food desert” initiative a good use of taxpayer dollars ? It doesn’t look that way, according to CNSNews’ Terence Jeffrey.

Mrs. Obama’s multi-million dollar anti-obesity initiative seeks to eradicate so-called food deserts. “Right now, 23.5 million Americans, including 6.5 million kids, live in what we call ‘food deserts’—these are areas without a supermarket,” Obama explained in May. “And as a result these families wind up buying their groceries at the local gas station or convenience store, places that offer few, if any, healthy options.” According to Obama, these “food deserts” lead to increased levels of obesity.

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