Endangered House Democrats Campaign Against Pelosi

Fox News

Several endangered House Democrats think they may have found a way to escape voters’ wrath in next month’s midterm elections: run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Call them the anti-Pelosi Democrats who are openly opposing Pelosi for another term as speaker if their party can somehow maintain control of the House. Republicans are widely expected to make big gains in the Nov. 2 elections.

Two Democrats, Reps. Jim Marshall of Georgia and Bobby Bright of Alabama, have even taken out ads saying they won’t support Pelosi in the next Congress.

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Is Obama Just a Moron?


How many recall the eight years of George W. Bush’s two terms in office during which he was constantly derided as being too dumb to be president? He was deemed “a frat boy” and yet Bush had graduated from Yale University and went onto to secure a master’s degree from Harvard Business School. When his grades were compared to Sen. John Kerry during his campaign for reelection, it turned out he had higher scores.

We can’t compare Barack Obama’s grades to Bush or anyone else because they, along with his birth certificate, and indicators of his scholastic achievements have been hidden from public review.

This is not, however, a defense of Bush. This is about a question that millions of Americans are beginning to ask. Is Obama just a moron?

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