The Party of ‘Choice?’


As we head into the midterm elections, let’s make sure we know the issues and the players.

The Democrat Party parades itself as the party of ‘choice,’ as in ‘pro-choice’ on the abortion issue.  Is it really the party of ‘choice?’

The last incandescent light bulb plant in the U. S. is closing because we are being forced to accept the lies of the eco-wackos, and Cap-&-Tax is lurking!  Which party is hip-deep in the sheep dip of eco-mania?

No Democrat is running for office on the ‘successful’ ramming of Stealth-Care upon a resistant and misrepresented public.  Within this enormous power grab, there are many mandates, including the mandate that everyone purchase health insurance, regardless if he/she wants it, or can afford it.  Where is the choice here?

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Keep the Change, Mr. President

Human Events

Looks like many 2008 “hope” and “change” poster carriers won’t be quite as psyched to rally behind our President in 2012.

According to an October 7-10 Bloomberg national poll, “More than four of ten likely voters who say they once considered themselves Obama backers now are either less supportive or say they no longer support him at all.”

Also noteworthy from the poll: “The erosion of backing for Obama among onetime supporters has been most notable among two groups of voters who were central to his election: women and independents. More than six of ten of the former Obama backers who have turned away from him are women; 53% of the onetime supporters are independents.”

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