Congressional Candidate: Impeach Obama-Hitler “Our Psychotic President”

Alert the state media! Contact the NAACP ASAP! Where in the world is Al Sharpton?!

Oh, never mind…

Kesha Rogers, congressional democrat candidate in Texas’ 22 district is campaigning on an impeach Obama platform. That’s right America, I said D E M O C R A T.

Citing “The numerous public displays of President Obama’s ongoing psychological meltdown” Hey, she may be on to something.

Roger’s campaign press release:

kesha rogers impeach obama hitlerObama-Hitler – Paid for by Kesha Rogers (pictured on right) campaign for congress

October 7, 2010 — The numerous public displays of President Obama’s ongoing psychological meltdown, mean that now is the time for Vice President Joseph Biden, and a quorum of top advisers within the Executive Branch, to pull rank, and use Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to declare that “the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office”, and shall be immediately relieved of that responsibility.

Lyndon LaRouche warned you on April 11, 2009, that the narcissistic personality of President Obama would self-destruct. That is now happening, and so we must use the 25th Amendment, to get Obama out now, and save the nation. The Vice President must now act, the Senate and Congress must now act, to come back into session on an emergency basis, take the appropriate measures to keep Barack Obama safe from himself, and then deal with the hyperinflationary blowout of our Federal banking system.

The Democratic and Republican Parties must stand up like real men and women, as patriots of this nation, and act to relieve our psychotic President. This means they must stop acting like cowards. Following this action, the identical bills in both Houses, to reinstate the Glass-Steagall provisions of our banking system, must be rammed through. Otherwise, there is no basis for any incumbent member of Congress to campaign for reelection. Anyone unwilling to step up to the plate, on the issue of the 25th Amendment and Glass-Steagall, is summarily disqualified from being competent to serve in public office. Anyone who is more concerned about winning an election, than saving the nation, is disqualified from serving in office.

If we do not immediately remove Obama, and reinstate Glass-Steagall protections of our commercial banking system, canceling all bailouts of Wall Street and similar looting operations, then there is no possibility of stopping the ongoing hyperinflationary blowout of our banking system.

Remember when the left glommed onto the first sighting of an Obama-Hitler sign as originating from the tea party, when in fact the man holding the sign was a democrat supporter of John Dingall? No wonder they have swept Democrat Rogers’ demand for impeachment (complete with Obama-Hitler signs) under the rug. It is impossible to fit a square peg Obama opponent into a round hole narrative.


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