How Crazy Is It?


How crazy is it to keep telling people the economy is recovering when everyone knows the “stimulus” was a complete flop and unemployment is up?

How crazy is it to keep wanting to spend more billions on “stimulus”?

How crazy is it to let the Bush tax cuts expire when every economist in America is telling you to extend or make them permanent?

How crazy is it for the federal government to sue Arizona for passing a law that directly mirrors a federal one intended to enforce the prohibition against illegal aliens?

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Islamic Jihadist Worked At U.S. Nuclear Plants

Judicial Watch

In a chilling example of the government’s failure to protect nuclear plants from terrorists, a suspected Al Qaeda operative spent six years working at various facilities in the northeast with unescorted access to secure interior areas.

The admitted Islamic jihadist (Sharif Mobley) is currently imprisoned for terrorist activities in Yemen, where he has been charged with murdering a hospital guard during an escape attempt. During the years that he worked at nuclear plants in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Mobley referred to non-Muslims as “infidels” and warned co-workers of “holy war,” according to a government audit.

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Obama Enabling Violent Jihad

Human Events

The Obama administration’s first show trial for a violent Guantanamo Bay jihadi in a civilian court — a man who has never set foot in America — and endowing this enemy combatant with full citizenship-level Fifth Amendment rights is unraveling in the courtroom and putting America at risk.

It would be a laughable, “I told you so” moment if it weren’t so dangerous.  Stopping these violent jihadis from killing Americans is the government’s job.  The Obama administration is putting American lives at risk and jeopardizing the integrity of our legal system which was not designed to handle war crimes.

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Kentucky Group Sues Over Nixed ‘In God We Trust’ License Plate

Fox News

A Kentucky group has filed a lawsuit after being denied a request to create a specialty license plate bearing the motto, “In God We Trust.”

Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana (ROCK) says it first applied for a Kentucky “In God We Trust” speciality license plate in 2007.

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