US provides training to Terror state

The Last Crusade

The CIA is training and equipping Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) so that the radical Islamic agency may continue its acts of genocide in Darfur and strengthen its stranglehold on East Africa.

This allegation was affirmed by Sudanese officials who told The Washington Post that “it is normal for all intelligence agencies around the world to cooperate on matters of mutual benefit.”

The reports of an on-going relationship between the CIA and the Islamic terrorists in Sudan surfaced several weeks ago with the testimony of former US intelligence officials.

“The U.S. government is training the Sudanese intelligence services and conducting bilateral operations with them — all in the name of the long war,” a former intelligence officer, who served in Sudan, told a Post reporter.

“We also refer to the Sudanese as a state sponsor of terror, have called their activities in Darfur genocide, and supported the issuance of arrest warrants for the Sudanese president for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, as defined by the International Criminal Court,” the officer added.

The Obama Administration has refused to comment on its relationship with the East African regime, even though Sudan has been officially branded as a terrorist state.

CIA spokesman George Little declined to comment on the agency’s relationship with the NISS, saying, “This agency does not, as a rule, comment on reports of relationships with foreign intelligence services.”

Similarly, National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said, “We are not going to speak about our ongoing counter-terrorism and intelligence programs with any specific country other than to say that we face significant terrorism related challenges in East Africa, and it is essential that we be able to work in partnership with the countries of the region to identify and disrupt potential terrorist networks.”

In the beginning, the CIA-NISS relationship was very close-hold, the former intelligence official said, even shielded from other CIA personnel in the embassy because of concerns over Sudan’s grievous human rights record. Training sessions were probably done outside the country, he guessed.

Another knowledgeable former U.S. intelligence official said the CIA-NISS partnership began even earlier, in the Clinton administration, and called it “incredibly valuable.”

“We have had a long term relationship with the Sudanese, even when they closed the embassy for a short period in the late 90s,” the official said on condition of anonymity because the topic is so sensitive.

In 2005, CIA director Porter Goss strengthened the US relationship with the terrorist state by providing shipments and supplies and equipment, including computers and satellite telephones.

“The CIA flew Salah Gosh, head of the NISS, here to the U.S. in one of their jets during 2005,” the former intelligence officer who served in Sudan said. “He is up to his butt in the genocide in Darfur.”

Last month, Amnesty International charged that “the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) is carrying out a brutal campaign of killings, torture, arbitrary detentions, and mental and physical intimidation against opponents and critics of the government.”

“The NISS uses a variety of torture methods,” it added, “including: beating detainees while held upside down against a wall, electric shocks, whipping, sleep deprivation, kicking and stamping on detainees and beating them with water pipes.”

Why is the CIA providing training and supplies to the NISS?

Why is the agency refusing to fire-bomb the poppy fields in Afghanistan?

Why is the US intelligence agency funding the Gulen movement and the establishment of thousands of madrassahs throughout Central Asia?


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