One Nation Working Together

H/T Patriot Watch
This Saturday OBAMA is holding a rally to COUNTER Glenn Becks rally of a couple of weeks ago. YEAH the President of the United States of America is holding a rally to counter a private citizen. Democrats will be bussing in PROGRESSIVES, Marxist, Socialist and Radicals from around the country.
Here are some of the groups SPONSORING OBAMA:
Again thanks to all you idiots who voted in a self proclaimed socialist: This is who you supported as well:
Most of these groups are communist and socialist groups nor do they hide the fact
Thanks again for your uneducated and Un-American vote last election.

President Barack Obama’s own Organizing for America has praised the effort, calling it the “biggest progressive demonstration in decades.” The list of organizations offering their official endorsements for Saturday’s “One Nation” rally reads like a who’s who of the far-left in America, including some usual suspects:

8 thoughts on “One Nation Working Together

  1. Thanks brother I really appreciate the creds. Since proved itself to be a liberal plant I have tried to do my part to keep our group informed and out in front. That’s not easy with the Obama administration moving at the speed of light.

    Believe the “movement” is at a coss roads. “Hope” & “Change” has hit a road block. Something needs to happen so the “cause” can move forward with less resistance.

    Something bad is gonna happen. I can feel it. Feels wierd again. November 5th – 12th be very careful. Stay at home. Webbot has same vibe from data signs similliar to what they showed before 9/11

    OBAMA and friends need some bad things to happen or this train is slowing.

  2. Have you noticed we have had MORE natural disasters WORLD Wide than at any time in our history YET technology is better than ever. This has ALL happened under OBAMA watch. Really in the last 12 months.

    Makes ya go hmmmmmmmmm

  3. Thanks for the heads-up my friend. I keep my eyes open as always and will try to let you know anything as soon as I hear it. God Save the Republic.

  4. Subject: Paradoxical thought for today
    > “Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are
    > insured, but they don’t have to prove they are citizens.” ~ Ben Stein

  5. POTUS needs a event to stage the seizing of Freedom and stop the Free Elections in 30 days .

    Chief of staff leaving Whitehouse .

    Congress recess in the Middle of the week why not at the end of the week ? And how many aids are leaving town by this weekend ?

    10-2-10 rally on the Mall this weekend ….. what could happen at this event that would result in a national security event that could allow the federalization of the USA ?

    I found this Interesting in that Conspiracy link that drew my thoughts towards something happening ;

    Fortunately though, at least for the American’s, US Military Intelligence Forces loyal to Fitzpatrick intercepted the conversations held between Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this past week wherein Louis Farrakhan, and another US radical group called the New Black Panther Party, “solicited” the Iranian leaders “help” in Obama’s “fifth column” plan to stage another attack upon the United States, which, of course, Ahmadinejad declined to be any part of.

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