Terror Suspects were Active in Obama’s Socialist “New Party”

New Zeal

On September 24, about 20 FBI agents spent most of the day searching the Logan Square residence of Chicago activists Stephanie Weiner and her husband, Joseph Iosbaker, reports the Chicago Tribune.

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US provides training to Terror state

The Last Crusade

The CIA is training and equipping Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) so that the radical Islamic agency may continue its acts of genocide in Darfur and strengthen its stranglehold on East Africa.

This allegation was affirmed by Sudanese officials who told The Washington Post that “it is normal for all intelligence agencies around the world to cooperate on matters of mutual benefit.”

The reports of an on-going relationship between the CIA and the Islamic terrorists in Sudan surfaced several weeks ago with the testimony of former US intelligence officials.

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One Nation Working Together

H/T Patriot Watch
This Saturday OBAMA is holding a rally to COUNTER Glenn Becks rally of a couple of weeks ago. YEAH the President of the United States of America is holding a rally to counter a private citizen. Democrats will be bussing in PROGRESSIVES, Marxist, Socialist and Radicals from around the country.
Here are some of the groups SPONSORING OBAMA:
Again thanks to all you idiots who voted in a self proclaimed socialist: This is who you supported as well:
Most of these groups are communist and socialist groups nor do they hide the fact
Thanks again for your uneducated and Un-American vote last election.

President Barack Obama’s own Organizing for America has praised the effort, calling it the “biggest progressive demonstration in decades.” The list of organizations offering their official endorsements for Saturday’s “One Nation” rally reads like a who’s who of the far-left in America, including some usual suspects: