Hawaii Dems button-lipped on Obama eligibility status

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U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York September 23, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS)

It long has been documented that when Barack Obama was picked by the Democratic Party to be its 2008 presidential candidate, only one state – Hawaii – was sent a document from Nancy Pelosi certifying that he was qualified under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

Now a series of blogs reports are heating up the issue again, this time revealing documents that showed it apparently was Hawaii’s local Democratic Party that refused to include that certification on its paperwork naming Obama as its candidate.

Even today, the Hawaii Democratic Party was staying mum, declining attempts by WND to obtain a comment on why it handled the 2008 presidential race paperwork as it did.

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5 thoughts on “Hawaii Dems button-lipped on Obama eligibility status

  1. WE the PEOPLE need to ask the Elite establishment in our districts , to really start a debate about why Our Economy is in shambles , this fundamental Question , Is Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and President Obama only doing what the Trilateral Commission says to ?? And all candidates that are running for Office should be asking this question of all the establishment , plus we the people need to know that anyone we elect will go to Washington and resist this Force against the will of the US People , and stand up for the Principles that our founders wrote our constitution on , and Trust me they NEVER Had a Trilateral Commission Philosophy when they formed the UNION and we the people should resist this with a Vote this fall that Restores this Fact and Boots these Multi-Nationalists out the Door and we take back our USA !!!!!

    Is Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and President Obama only doing what the Trilateral Commission says to ?? Its time the Political ELITE Tell we the people what they have been Up Too ???????

    Click this link scroll down to The Rockefeller Plan – “Tricky” Dick Nixon and Trickier Rockefellers The USA was taken off the Gold Standard in 1971 for a Very evil reason They are Lying about it all being a Free Market , LYING !!
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7735 , scroll to the last paragraph in the segment and read the proof about my claim that we were taken off the Gold Standard for a Very strategic reason , but read the whole segment on why they did it …. I think where we are today is at a very tricky point , dollar collapse is a Strategy , but with Government in Control of Food through the network its engineered the elite will make sure they have access to supply while the squeeze the Middle class to Death literally by extracting the wealth with dollar devaluation , we are at the tipping point for this collapse , you can see it with the way the Government is printing its own Operating Capital and placing it in the Holding Banks that are financing the most Important sectors of the Vital Needs basket . We the people need to rise Up and Demand the USA be put back on the Gold Standard and Re-Capitalize the USA economy and put the Small Business Mom and Pop economy back to work , and if the rest of the world wants to follow fine if not see ya later WTO Free Trade Agreement !!!

    And has anyone asked President Obama and Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi if they think the same way Bill gates does and if not then why are their Policies so similar to what Gates is projecting be done ????

    And Obviously Mr. Gates has not thought about how he tells the teachers who get old too will meet the same fate as who he says needs to be scarified , and what about a person paying into a system all their life who then is denied access to the very fund they paid into for care is rejected by a death panel for GODS sake ??? How Do we educate our children of this time to look Forward to in their Lives Mr. President ????


    and then couple what Gates is plans are with this …….


    And here is the study that started it all into Motion ; http://www.population-security.org/11-CH3.html , that calls for worldwide population controls by the year 2000 by consolidation of the wealth of the private sector , looks like the progressives are 10 years behind on their plan of control and expediting the plan with policy like this Is this How Czar John Holdren is trying to Implement the De-Develop Strategy as Beck talks about
    here ; http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/45625/ ???

    What does it look like they are doing , to me they are following the Plan in this study and the leaders of this study are still right in the middle of this Gang so go figure . And we wonder why we are messed up ?

    I say we the USA people take back Our Country and Kick the elite out of Washington DC this NOV if they DON”T WANT TO STAND FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eric Holder will be the prosecuting attorney?

    Heaven help us.

  3. I think is a situtation like this, there would be a special prosecutor. Don’t know who it would be or who would be the judge.

  4. George Soros no doubt has the finest attorneys money can buy. If he can afford to buy a president to do his dirty work he can damn well afford to defend him if and when he gets caught. Do suppose for a minute that conversation never came up in their contingency planning sessions? Was it in his (Obama’s) contract or is that a wink and nod sort of thing? No matter. Business is business. Soros will pay the fine and move on. Just as he did with the insider trading conviction. He made enough Obamamoney off the multi-billion dollar gift the Obama administration made to Soros Oil Corp. (Petrobas) to pay for an entire law firm. “It’s good to be the king.”

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